CFDS Episode 015: From Abuse and Divorce to Freedom in Antarctica

Gabriellas story with cayenne pepper uses

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel shares her story of how she went from an abusive relationship, to losing her job, to freedom in Antarctica. Plus my favorite warming ingredient that you can add to your food AND put on your body, with surprising results.

In addition to this story, at the end of this episode I’ll share with you one of the best ingredients you can add to your food when it’s cold outside. And you don’t have to just use it for food. You can actually add it to something that has nothing to do with food and that I know will surprise you. The best part is that when you do that, nobody has to know!

OK enough hints from me, let’s get on with the story.

Our guest, Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

I am very excited to be joined here today by speaker, author and visionary, Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel.

In her own words, Gabriella is A Woman of the 21st Century, Author, Speaker and Female Cycle Consultant and she’s got a fascinating story to share with us today, complete with whales, seals and penguins as well as her own life lessons learned.

So Gabriella welcome to the Clean Food, Dirty Stories podcast! I’m really excited to have you here today!

Welcome, Gabriella

Gabriella: Hello Barbara, thank you so much for this opportunity.

Me: You’re so welcome! I love your story because you overcame some really difficult situations and then you went on to do some amazing things, so I think that people will really enjoy it.

Can you tell us – I mean, I know that now you do all kinds of wonderful, beautiful things, but it wasn’t always like that, right? I think at the beginning you were talking about a relationship that wasn’t exactly ideal for you. Is that the best place to start?

Gabriella: Well I suppose it’s the best place to start because to be totally honest, I think that whenever a story starts, meaning an intimate relationship story, nobody really plans to go into something that is not nice.

The honeymoon comes, everything’s fantastic, but then both the characters start pouring into the relationship their own characteristics, their agenda, their baggage… It becomes like a bit of a murky puddle.

Me: I know what you mean, yeah. It doesn’t sound like a good thing to have, a murky puddle! I know that it didn’t start out as a murky puddle. And I know that you’re originally from Italy, right?

Gabriella’s story

Gabriella: Yes, I was born in a city called Turin in the northwest part of Italy, at the foot of the Alps. It’s in the Piedmont region, from the French “au pied du mont”. It’s a very mountainous region with plains and hills and so forth, and Turin is only a few kilometers from the border with France.

I grew up in a mountainous environment, going skiing and trekking in the mountains with my parents. And so a few decades later I ended up in flat England.

Me: Yeah, with hardly any snow, right?

Gabriella: Well, it doesn’t snow much but it does sometimes in Scotland. When I went to Scotland it was always summer, but they do ski there I was told.

Working in the Maldives

I ended up in the UK passing through the Maldives, because that’s where I was working for an Italian tour operator. On the island where I was based I met this Briton in 1997. In my spare time I was diving, underwater with tanks, because I was a diver before. The Maldives is a diver’s destination so when I could, I was diving.

The diving instructor buddied me up with this chap who was alone who was British. He was actually quite at home in that little island because he had been 10 or 11 times already. We were buddied up together and so that’s how it started. As you can imagine, in a very romatic place… we basically met underwater!

Me: Oh that’s very cool!

Gabriella: Sometimes when I think about it, it sounds like it was taken from a fiction book or something. But it happened to me, and then of course… he was there for a couple of weeks and we had opportunities to get to know each other a bit.

The island was so big that it would take you 5 minutes walk to go around it. So obviously it wasn’t very difficult to keep bumping into each other, that’s how it started in a way. And I’m sure that part of the story was because it was in a romantic location even if I was working, and he was on holiday…

More trips together

But of course what happened was he went back home and we kept in touch. He was writing me letters. And then when I finished my contract there, I went to visit him in London.

Of course the fascination hadn’t faded yet so a month later I moved in with him for good, and it was very kind of rushed.

Me: How long had you known each other at that point?

Gabriella: When I moved in with him, basically I had just met him in the Maldives a couple of months earlier and he had stayed there for two weeks. But then when I went to visit him after working in the Maldives, I went to visit him for a week or so and in that week he asked me if I wanted to join him. He was a photographer and he was invited to show his diving photographs at an exposition in Singapore. He invited me to come along, and of course I said yes!

From Malaysia to London

And after the diving exposition in Singapore, we went diving in Malaysia. So again it was a very exotic situation where we got the chance to get to know each other a bit more.

So then when we came back, I went back home basically to return for good.

It was all very nice at the time, but very quick. I don’t know what to call it… a story, an adventure. So then I found myself in London, cold, rainy London, and I started the second chapter of my life in the UK, in London.

Cultural gaps

And like in all stories, in all relationships, there are many factors that come into it, that create or direct the story in a certain way. In our case I think there were many gaps. Not just the language. I studied as an interpreter so my English was pretty good, but there was still a cultural gap.

Me: Yup, I can relate to that.

Gabriella: You might speak the same language, but you speak two different languages. You come from different backgrounds and different countries.

Me: Yup, I had that with two husbands, one French one and one Mexican one. I spoke both languages and there’s still a cultural gap.

Gabrielle: Yes but it’s funny though, unless you are in that situation, it’s difficult to imagine. Your imagination is never like reality.

Me: Of course. And was it hard for you to settle in the UK? In London?

Gabriella: Well, it was in a way. But you see, when you’re in love, you make everything do because you want it to work. Yes, the weather was…British. Unpredictable, and very variable so it changes from one moment to the next. But mainly it’s not continental so it means you don’t have the four seasons. You tend to have sort of two seasons really, and that was hard.

Paradise for some, hell for others

But what I want to say is that I was in a paradise on earth. The Maldives is definitely considered one of those places on earth that’s perfect for honeymoons, this type of thing.

I was working there, of course I wasn’t on holiday there. But it was really hard to work there, and it felt to me like hell on earth, funnily enough. Such a paradox.

Me: Really!

Gabriella: Basically from paradise on earth which for me was feeling like hell, anyway, I fell on ‘not paradise on earth’ – weatherwise in the UK. But I was very happy because of course I was in this relationship that at the time I loved and cherished so much.

That was for me a big lesson that I would never forget – that really, happiness is where your heart is.

But of course I have to say that I’ve been here in the UK for nineteen years and I can say that yes, after a while, the weather gets at you!

From holidays to power games

Me: Yeah of course. But then the relationship started to change, right? Because at first you said it was…

Gabrielle: Yes, like all relationships in the beginning it was very easygoing and nice and so forth. But it became more like a power game and I wasn’t aware of it. I should have been aware because there were signs from the very beginning, but you know, sometimes we are blind to the signs. We can’t hear it even if we can hear physically.

Me: I mean when you say power games, can you think of an example?

Gabriella: Yes, there was a gap of eleven years between the two of us and I’m a very easygoing type of personality and I don’t really want to control anybody. But on the other side there was a person who was obviously much older than me with possibly much more life experience than me.

And I am guessing here because the bottom line is that we never really know what happens in another person unless that person tells us, right? But I’m guessing with hindsight that inside there was a desire to create this relationship, he possibly really enjoyed it, wanted it and so forth. He just wanted it to work, but his character was very domineering, he was very controlling.

Even if I’m as I said a very easygoing type of person I think, very flexible… I had just left my country, I had just moved here, I started from scratch. That didn’t bother me, because I quite like that type of thing.

I was the one adjusting to everything basically, but I couldn’t adjust to being controlled.

Why some people manipulate others

And you don’t see it in the beginning because you think the other person is like you. You think they just want to love you, things like that. Maybe I was naïve but I’m sure I belong to a big club.

Me: I mean, did he just like not let you go where you wanted, or have the friends that you wanted? Or try to tell you how to be?

Gabriella: No, it took me a long time to realize it because…because you see, with people who are manipulative by nature… My theory is that they’ve been wounded or hurt, and so it’s their survival instinct to try to manipulate their surroundings so that they can survive. It’s very basic.

Me: Yeah, that’s what I think too.

Gabriella: This is my theory, but anyway I think it was definitely applicable to his case.

I don’t know to this day what his wound was, but he definitely wanted me to be in a certain way, doing certain things. He wasn’t so obvious. Otherwise I would have realized this earlier on. He was always camouflaging to this ‘good doing’, these good deeds that were in my interest and all the rest. Maybe according to him they were in my good interests, but not in mine.

If you crush somebody character-wise and you want to control the person, you are actually also discarding all the nice characteristics, all the nice bits of the person. You can’t just have a puppet in your hands. Well you can, in certain situations it works. There are certain men and women who are kind of happy in that kind of relationship, but it didn’t work for me.

Tantrums…as an adult?

Me: Was there one event…What happened to make you think “This is enough, I have to leave”. Was it one event in particular?

Gabriella: Yes, I was just arriving there. One thing that for me really killed the relationship and the story, and I’m happy to share it because there might be other women in similar situations.

He was a very narcissistic type of person, and those people have to crush who is next to them because otherwise they don’t feel good enough. One way to have his way was to throw tantrums. Really. Like children do.

But you know, if you are a mother and you have a child doing that, you know how to deal with it because it’s part of the growing up process.

But when you are an adult and you have your partner doing that… Like it happened in the middle of the jungle, he wanted to go back to London and leave me there…

Me: Ohhh!

Gabriella: Stuff like that. It happened more than once.

Maybe the first time you put up with it, you think ‘Hmm, strange’. And then the second time you might start thinking, ‘What have I done?’ Because that’s what happens to women, we tend to first check with ourselves. We always are prone to think that we’ve done something wrong ourselves.

Me: Yes, of course.

Gabriella: So that’s what happened with me. When this was happening, I thought ‘I’ve done something inconsiderate’, or ‘I’m bad’… I was always feeling guilty for something.

Scary stuff

Me: Was it scary as well? Because if I imagine an adult, you know, a man, my partner having a tantrum…that would just freak me out.

Gabriella: Well yes it was! I can tell you! In certain situations it was, because, you know, like… We were returning to Indonesia, we were on this tour, there were just the two of us with a local guide. I can’t remember now exactly what happened. He really literally wanted to go back to London and just leave me there, out of the blue. What do you do with something like that?

Of course now thinking about it, I think if I would find myself in a situation like that or similar, I would just deal with it very easily because I’ve been through it.

Me: That’s what I was gonna say.

Gabriella: If you haven’t been there, in a similar situation, you don’t know what to do. It’s natural that you don’t know what to do.

What you can do if you’re in an abusive relationship

Me: That’s what I was going to ask actually, because there might be people that are in that kind of situation now. What would you tell them?

Gabriella: Well what I would say is that to realize that you’re in an abusive relationship is very difficult. And I’ll tell you why. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical abuse, because a moral or emotional abuse is just as difficult. Or even worse maybe, because if somebody beats you up, the blows, the bruises on your skin might go, but the emotions, they stay. And then you have to heal them. It might take the rest of your life to do that.

In a way, I wasn’t in a physical abusive relationship, but it definitely wasn’t a peer relationship. And I can say this because I’m now happily in a very nice relationship and I can see how different it is. I’m not…I’m also very aware that I don’t want to make it worse than it was.

But my advice would be for a woman to…instead of keeping silent, try to find help, professional help. Because if you just talk to your friends or colleagues or whatever, relatives, they will have their own unconscious agenda. Meaning that they will try to help in their own way, but it won’t be maybe the best way for you.

But with a therapist or somebody, you start maybe having help that shows you where you are and what’s happening. They will play back to you what’s going on. That’s definitely something that I regretted not doing immediately. I waited because I was in denial and this is typical of women. You think that it cannot happen to you, but it does.

The moment of no return

Me: But then once you… I know that you did decide at one point to go through with the divorce.

Gabriella: Yes, you asked me what was the moment of no return. The moment of no return was just another tantrum, but this time it was very low key in a way compared to others that had been very magnificently planned, right? It wasn’t in an exotic location, it was just in a shop. It was a small shop and in front of the sales attendant he just threw this tantrum and just treated me… like shit, basically. And it just reached a point where I just thought ‘This is enough’.

I had already matured within the years and realized in my body, really physically, that I was dying.

Me: How long were you together?

Gabriella: Well not long because it was… I moved to the UK in 1998 and we got married 3 years later, and then the point of no return happened in 2005. So I mean long enough to be damaged.

Me: Yes, that’s long enough, exactly.

Gabriella: But not that long. And I’m saying this because I know that there are women who endure abusive relationships for decades. Finding excuses for the children if there are children involved, is actually the worst way to teach your children for the future because they will remember, they will absorb that.

What we unconsciously create…

Funnily enough, I have to say, and I’m sharing this as well with no pride, well, hiding my pride simply because I know that it can be useful for others. My parents…I had the example at home of my parents who had a similar relationship.

And so what I had done, what happened to me or basically what I had done myself was to put myself in the same type of relationship. Because we do that unconsciously because we want to recover or resolve it. Our mind is always looking for a solution for everything that happened to us. It’s so classical, like a psychology manual, right? But when it happens to you it’s really…it’s different, it hurts. But basically that’s what happened.

My father had a very old-fashioned type of relationship with my mother. Like what happened in the last century. And so the father would decide everything and the mother would say yes to everything.

Even though I was born in the twentieth century, very highly educated, spoke four languages, traveled and all the rest of it, you might think ‘You’re sorted, girl! You’re a girl of the world!’

And yes, maybe from the outside. But inside, that wasn’t the story and so I ended up in an abusive relationship. Having said that, I learned a lot and even if it was painful, I have to say that I couldn’t have become the woman that I am today if that hadn’t happened to me. It was a shortcut to really wake up.

But for people out there, either men or women, because I know that it can happen to men as well. It doesn’t have to necessarily be just the woman being in an abusive relationship being abused by a man, it can happen both ways.

The very best thing to do for yourself

The best thing is to actually listen to what you feel in your body because the body always tells us.

But we are maybe conditioned by our upbringing. Or we are as I was saying deaf and blind and we don’t want to see it, we don’t want to hear it, we ignore the signs. The first step is pay attention to what your body is saying to you. And second, reach out because there are many organizations in the, let’s call it the civilized so to speak world. It doesn’t have to cost necessarily.

The very fact of realizing ‘there’s something here not right, I want to go and see if I can find some help’ is the first step to come out of it. And it helps you psychologically to become aware of what’s going on.

Me: Yes of course.

Gabriella: It’s been a long journey!

Life putting you in a corner…and why

Me: But then you started to come through the other side, right? I mean, even though…you were made redundant from work? Is that right?

Gabriella: Yes, what happened for me is that it was all together.

I mean, the marriage wasn’t happy already and had been that way for years. But what made it all kind of collapse I think was also the fact that I was made redundant at work, and he was self-employed so he was working from home. So obviously having me around didn’t help and I was very aware that being at home it would have been hell, but that was what life served me.

Life is very clever, always finding a way to put you in the corner so you then have to do something about it.

So I was made redundant and I kind of also lost my social background workwise because that was a very big part of my life. Second the relationship at work was a nightmare and that had to be fixed.

From the lowest point, to coming back up

When the point of no return happened and I realized ‘this is it, this is enough’…Because after being in the shop with this tantrum, having things thrown at me and whatever, we went into a supermarket and it went on. So I found myself basically like in film scenes that you see, you know? The film character walking and weeping and crying all over the supermarket, feeling like worse than that you can’t go. And I was dying inside.

But that was the point of no return where I felt ‘Hang on a minute. This is enough! As difficult as it might be to break up and face a life that you don’t know what it will be, with a big question mark, is still better than having to put up with the same situation every day that is obviously not going to change’.

Me: So then what did you do to change things?

Gabriella: Well life served me again, because basically who started the divorce process? Him.

Me: Him?

Gabriella: Yes, he started the divorce process because it was part of his way of being. He wanted to scare me because he thought that that would be a big scare and I would come back home. And you would do that…

I mean, it’s funny to say, but that would work with a little girl, not with an adult. And deep inside maybe there were parts of me that hadn’t grown up enough, but I wasn’t a little girl anymore. I was a woman of over forty years.

Grabbing an opportunity, even if it takes years

So I realized that that was my chance. I had to grab it to be free again. Meaning, well being free at the time just meant to start feeling better. Not feeling anguished by living with a person who wouldn’t respect me. You never knew when he would burst out, but the only certainty was you knew he would burst out at any moment.

And I know that there are many people like that. They have that kind of character and some get into violence, they become more violent than others, whatever. But we are not here to make a hit parade of who was the worst and who was the best, you know?

Me: No, of course, yeah.

Gabriella: It’s about making people aware that it can happen and there’s no shame in that. We all have parts of ourselves that need to be healed so the best thing is really when we witness stuff like that that’s going on, and it’s obvious, it’s apparent, you can’t deny it, then it’s time to take action.

So I said yes to the divorce, he didn’t expect that!

That was the start of a long struggle because I was hoping that because he started it, he would want it. I was hoping it would be easy and we would free each other up and that would be it. But he didn’t want that.

Me: It took a long time, right? I think you said it took two years, is that right?

Gabriella: Yes, it took two years.

Me: Even without children, which I think is just crazy. That’s a really long time.

Gabriella: Yes, maybe things have changed now, I don’t know. But when you have a party that doesn’t want it to happen, they put everything out to put obstacles.

Nothing to cling to, and yet…

Me: But you had a career change at the same time, right? What did you do before and then what did you wind up doing afterwards?

Gabrielle: Well what happened was I was working in the tourism industry and I was made redundant. And I could feel inside me that I needed to change because it wasn’t satisfying me anymore.

For me that was very scary because it wasn’t just to lose the relationship and maybe the stability or the safety, so to speak, of a marriage and a relationship. It was also the fact that I didn’t have any friends anymore because all of my friends were work-related or socially related with my husband.

So I found myself really alone. And London being a big place… At the same time I couldn’t really cling to my work. Because in a situation like that, it’s useful to at least have something that you can cling to. It could be different things, it doesn’t matter, but at least to have something that stays there and represents stability because otherwise it can be quite psychologically challenging.

But I didn’t have that. I didn’t have any social stability, financial stability, career stability of any sort. So I had to face that as well. And I did some temporary work, still in the temporary industry, and then I went away traveling for a month.

That was…even if I was still living separated under the same roof, I went backpacking, travelling through Vietnam. And that really helped me, because I’m a free spirit. That really helped me to rediscover myself as a being, a human being. Even if it was scary – you had to consider that I wasn’t in the best position emotionally, but I did it, it really helped me.

The learning journey begins… and leads to Antarctica

At the same time I came across NLP, neurolinguistic programming. I trained in that, and that really helped me to recover. I’ve always been interested in personal development, the power of the mind, and to explore that for me was fundamental. To really rebuild myself psychologically and emotionally, but also it helped me to find a direction in my life.

I did different courses, different things. Because after I divorced, I decided to give myself a bit of time and freedom to be able to look around instead of putting myself into another box immediately. So I started doing different trainings, and I eventually ended up in Antarctica!

When in doubt, test yourself(!)

Me: I was gonna ask, how did you get to Antarctica, and what was that like?

Gabriella: Well, what happened was, it was funny.

Two days, or three days after my second court hearing that really marked the end of my divorce, I came across this opportunity to join this chap. He was an Australian explorer really, an adventurer, a coach, called Peter Blair.

He had been himself to the North and to the South Pole. So a very adventurous type of person. And after having been to Antarctica, he was actually starting to take people there as a way to explore yourself, to face your limiting beliefs.

Having had the training in neurolinguistic programming which is all about the power of the mind… Having walked on fire…

Me: Yup! I did that too!

Gabriella: So you know that for me was really interesting. I couldn’t resist it, because I wanted to test myself. As if I hadn’t done it already… But it was very appealing and besides I always liked traveling. I had never considered Antarctica simply because it’s too cold for me.

But the idea of joining a group of people to go there to face your own beliefs and limitations and fears was for me irresistible!

I had a bit of money that I managed to get out of the settlement for the divorce and so I thought ‘Before I go into my mind again and become normal and rational again, let’s do this because I know this will be good for me’. So nine months later I ended up in Antarctica.

And another trauma…

Me: Wow! And then what made you decide…Because you’ve written a book about your journey, right? Can you tell us about that?

Gabriella: Well I wasn’t planning to write a book. I was actually planning to produce a documentary about it. But I didn’t have the funds to be able to get with me a crew or anything like that, forget it, so I just went with a camera myself and I started filming, not having done it before.

But unfortunately something very unpredictable happened during the trip and so what happened was I lost my gear.

Me: You lost your gear?

Gabriella: Yes, my photographic gear.

Me: Oh! Wow!

Gabriella: So for me it was really going to hell because I had waited for that trip. For me the best part of it was to be able to go there and witness nature. For me it’s a big thing. And you can’t go more wild and natural than Antarctica. So I was expecting that, you know I was really preparing for this trip so much, I was really looking forward to taking pictures and filming and the rest. But something that I wasn’t planning obviously… Again, life serves you right. I lost my gear!

Benefits of loss

So what happened was I went through this trauma again and because it was a trauma for me. When I came back I was still trying to see if I could produce something with the little footage I had and I couldn’t find a way, basically. That happened in 2008 and in 2011 I eventually surrendered to the reality of it.

And I had this idea, I realized ‘OK, it seems that I can’t do anything with this experience’. I really wanted to share this experience, right? Because I learn so much from other people’s stories and I feel very thankful for the person I’ve become because other people went to the trouble and the bother to put their story out there.

And so this nagged at me constantly and I had this voice inside me that was pushing me to keep closing. But it seemed that all the doors were closed and I didn’t know what to do.

Eventually three years later I realized that I could write a book. And I thought ‘Well at least if I write a book I have my experience there that anybody can read’. And these days technology allows us to be found more easily than in the past.

So that’s what I did. I went away and in two weeks I wrote my book.

Me: Wow! That’s fantastic! In two weeks!

Gabriella: Yes, and after three years, that happened. But that’s me, I found it easy to write. Obviously I have to say for honesty that those three years after the expedition I must have digested the thing.

Writing a book and throwing pride to the wind

Me: Yes, because you put a lot of life lessons in your book as well, right?

Gabriella: Yes, the story of the book is the trip on the ship with this group of people. But it’s not a book that talks about the beauty of Antarctica. Of course it does because I put pictures in it as much as I could because I think it’s worth it. Although it’s an inner journey. It’s what happened to me internally. I wrote it as raw as it was, I wrote all those things that nobody wants to admit because we think, ‘if the world finds out that I do that, that I think that, oh my God it will be the end of it!’

Because we all have that side of us that wants to… We’re shy, or we’re ashamed of some parts of ourselves that we don’t want to show.

I thought it was worthwhile to do it because if we do it, we allow others to realize how we are all the same. And how vulnerable we are. And how strong we can be at the same time.

So yeah, I chuck away my pride and I chuck away my ego and I just wrote it as it was.

Some potent teachings that Gabriella shares with others now

Me: So now I mean I know you do some really interesting things to help other people. You mentioned that you help women gain confidence, authority and fulfilment in life by knowing their body, doing all kinds of other things, helping them work with their female cycle… So if people want to know more about that, where’s the best place for them to find you? I mean I’ll put it in the shownotes, but…

Gabriella: Well that’s another whole story. I came across a lady called Alexandra Pope who talks about menstrual cycle awareness and that was for me life-changing. And so among the many things that I’ve done and investigated, that was for me as a woman what really made the biggest impact on my life.

So therefore I realized that I wanted to spread the message. Because if I’d been instructed, educated by my mother or any other elder woman when I was young and I’d been raised with that awareness, I would have possibly not entered into an abusive relationship. I could have avoided a very painful and expensive divorce and other things. So I realized the potency of that teaching.

Where to find Gabriella

Me: So for people who want to find out more about that, that’s on your website, right?

Gabriella: Yes, They can find out more about myself, what I do…

Me: And your book as well, right?

Gabriella: Yes, they can find the book but they can find lots of information which is free. There are many interviews, articles… It’s all there for you.

Me: Super! Well thank you so much! Gabriella thank you SO much for your story. I really enjoyed it and I think, you know, I know that it’s been quite a journey for you. So I just wanted to thank you for coming on and sharing it with such honesty and beauty!

Gabriella: Thank you Barbara, for the possibility to share the message. Hopefully it will help somebody out there today, tomorrow and for the years to come!

What to add to food (and other places) when it’s cold outside

So, I mentioned at the beginning of this episode that I’d share with you one of the best ingredients you can add to your food when it’s cold outside.

And as I mentioned, you don’t have to just use it for food. You can sprinkle this ingredient inside your socks to help keep you warm! It’s also really tasty, and you only need a tiny bit.

Have you got an idea what it could be? It is…cayenne pepper!

Benefits of cayenne pepper

Cayenne and other hot spices are great to add to your food when it’s cold out, because they literally trick your body into thinking that the food is hotter than it actually is. Not that you need to eat cold food of course, you can heat up soups and things, but cayenne gives your food an extra kick of heat.

And yes, you can add it to your socks. On the inside though, otherwise you won’t feel it and you’ll just be heating your shoes. And do make sure that you haven’t got any cuts or open wounds when you do that. You just need a small amount, like a quarter teaspoon.

So why does this work? And what other benefits does cayenne pepper have? Well, cayenne contains a substance called capsaicin which increases the circulation in your fingers and toes.

Cayenne pepper is also used internally to help with digestion, detoxification, relieving toothaches, boosting your metabolism and helping reduce inflammation.

Another curious thing about cayenne pepper

Another curious thing about cayenne pepper, and I think this is quite cool, it’s contrary to what we might think. It actually can help in the prevention and healing of ulcers. This is because it inhibits the secretion of acid and stimulates production of alkaline and mucous secretions.

Now that might sound kind of gross, but if you’ve got an ulcer, you might want to take a look at the research article that I’ll link to in the show notes to draw your own conclusions.

Some people find that applying cayenne pepper directly to the skin can also help with pain from arthritis and headaches, including migraines. Its effects are still being studied, but I would definitely encourage you to try it out for yourself if you think it might help you.

If it doesn’t work, you haven’t lost anything. But if it does work, wow, right? You’ll have yourself the cheapest and healthiest medicine ever, and way better for you than aspirin, right?

How you eat cayenne pepper

Which brings me to how you eat cayenne pepper, which is very easy.

Just add a pinch to soups, curries and other savory dishes. Simple!

And if you’d like some ideas for savory dishes, I’ll link to my 5-minute recipe ebooks in the shownotes.

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