Avoid overwhelm!


Do you ever feel like you have so much to do that your head is going to explode? I know I do!

I thought I’d share a quick tip on how I avoid overwhelm, or how I deal with that feeling when it’s already a bit too late!

When my ‘to do’ list is about to bury me, here’s what I do: I say to myself, “What would make me feel really good if I knew that it was done today?” And I choose that thing on my list. I try to remain realistic of course, for example “I’d love it if I could design my entire website TODAY!” Well yes that would definitely make a lot of us feel fantastic, but how likely is it to happen??

So I choose something like ‘create a new recipe’ or ‘try that recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I’ve been eager to have a go at’, or ‘sort out the pile of papers on my desk’, or ‘clean my kitchen’.

Then I go and do it! And one of two things happens: either 1) it’s all finished in which case I do feel great, or 2) it’s not quite finished but I have progressed massively and I still feel great because I feel I’ve really made some headway!

I then proceed to the final but very important step – I celebrate!

So if this is you today – as it was me this morning – go and choose your thing, and do it! I’m now off to do mine, which is to finish writing my beautiful ebook to offer to you all as a lovely free gift!

Let me know what you did in the comments below to avoid overwhelm, and how you felt about it:-)

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