Picture of tomato cream sauce recipe

Tomato Cream Sauce recipe

One of my favorite recipes as a child was my mom’s sour cream sauce over chicken breasts with wild rice. The bit I liked was the rice with the sauce,…

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Picture of Oriental Noodlish soup for raw food cafe in Cambridge

Quick oriental soup recipe

It will keep you going for ages, because seaweed is packed with so many nutrients, including essential fatty acids and minerals. Quick oriental soup┬árecipe Serves 4 as a main course….

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nut loaf recipe

Light Nut Loaf recipe

I really wanted a nut loaf recipe that was light on the nuts, because the ones I had tried elsewhere were very filling and not all of us can eat…

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My kale avocado caesar salad

Kale Avocado Caesar Salad

Topped with my Super Caesar Dressing, you can enjoy this salad on its own as a light main salad, or as a side salad or starter. The dressing is also…

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Some quick taco filling

Quick taco filling recipe

This filling is great in wraps or for topping a salad. If you make it the day before, it’s even better, as the flavors will have had time to mingle…

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