Does this food look raw to you?

Pic of Tarragon Mushrooms in post does this food look raw

Does this food look raw to you? Because if it doesn’t, apparently that makes some people angry!

I had a very interesting experience the other day when I shared some photos of my food.

I was taking part in a contest, and I had to provide photos. The people running the contest knew nothing about raw food, and I was the only raw food chef who had entered (I like a challenge!)

When I posted about the contest in LinkedIn on one of the raw food groups I’m a member of, someone made the following comment:

It does not look like raw food to me, or even vegan…..

Now this was coming from someone who had criticized my blog on a previous occasion because they thought I was promoting meat(!)

I thought about how to reply, and realized that actually the comment is a fantastic gift.

Here’s what I said:

That’s great to hear, because it’s both raw AND vegan! I’m targeting people who know nothing about raw food, so the less it looks like a bowl of salad the more they’ll be happy to try it 🙂 Victory!

Want to see the pics so you can see what I mean? Here they are:

Oriental_Noodle_Soup4Pic of sesame olive raw crackers

PadThai_WebsitePhoto of italian pasta substitute recipe

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Pictured from top left are my Oriental Noodl(ish) Soup, Sesame Olive Crackers, Pad Thai, Italian Pasta and Creamy Chocolate Pudding.

Do any of those dishes look like a bowl of salad?

Definitely not, right?

And I’d even say…thank goodness!

And of course, let me know what you think in the comments!

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