The East of England Well-Being Show


 I’ll be at the East of England Well-Being Show on Saturday 7th June, and I’d love to see you there too!

It’s a very large event put on by Enable East and is free to attend. The idea is to come and have fun while learning loads about health and well-being, in the beautiful setting of the famous Newmarket Racecourse.

There will be lots to do! There are talks, demos, hands-on activities and music (some of which sung by yours truly, see below).

At 12:15 I’ll be doing a raw food demo in the Millenium Suite. I’ll show people just how easy it is to make (and eat!) cashew cream and chocolate pudding.

And I’ll be asking for volunteers from the audience to do some taste-testing, so I’m counting on you to join in!

More so since you know how good it will be if you’ve made the Creamy Chocolate Pudding in my 5-Minute Raw freebie.


I’m in very distinguished company! I appear right after Dr Anita Sturnham (a gorgeous medical doctor who appears on TV in the Alan Titchmarsh Show), whose presentation will address all kinds of health questions.

Then after my demo, TV presenter and famous foodie Stefan Gates will ‘challenge our approach to food’…and given that he travels the world eating bugs and all kinds of other unusual things, I’m inclined to believe him:)

Stefan’s famous for his energy and enthusiasm, so I for one am glad he’s presenting after me so I can stay and watch him!

Raw food music too

At 3 pm I’ll be singing one of my raw food spoof songs on the large outdoor stage. If you want a preview, it’s my version of Katy Perry’s song I Kissed A Girl (you can listen to it on SoundCloud here).

So come along and join in! I would love to see you there!

And hey, it would be great to hang out and munch on some great food together… At this event there should be loads to choose from!

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