CFDS Episode 018: I Used To Date Guys, But My Travel Sickness Found Me A Wife

Pic of me and Corrina for help with travel sickness episode

Corrina Gordon-Barnes’ journey from dating guys to finding a wife…thanks to travel sickness! And of course the best food to help with travel sickness (in case you’ve already found your partner…)

In addition to this story, at the end of this episode I’ll share with you the best food for travel sickness (in case you’ve already found your wife or partner).

OK enough hints from me, let’s get on with the story.

Our guest, Corrina Gordon-Barnes

I am super excited to be joined here today for our story by Corrina Gordon-Barnes. Corrina is a Relationship Coach who’s committed to a world of happy couples and happy families. She teaches her clients how to be really good at relationships.

So Corrina, welcome to the Clean Food, Dirty Stories podcast! I’m really excited to have you here today!

Corrina: Thank you so much for inviting me to connect with you.

Me: Oh well you’re so welcome! I love your story and I really can’t wait for us to share it with everybody.

Corrina’s story, starting with being boy mad

Me: Without further ado, the first question I wanted to ask you…and I’ve said a little bit about what you do now, but when you were small, or younger, how did you see your dream relationship one day? Did you have princess dreams or did you have a particular type of partner in mind before you actually met your life partner?

Corrina: Well, I was boy mad.

Me: Boy mad!

Corrina: Boy mad, like going through my primary school years, I remember that I was the one in my class who learned about sex really early.

I was the one who would get all these teenage magazines, even as a late primary school age kid, and I would be teaching my friends at school. “You can get pregnant the first time you have sex” and “be careful with your boyfriend”.

Me: Oh my god!

A relationship expert…in primary school

Corrina: I was like this relationship expert, even at that age I was teaching my friends. Like “these are all the myths, don’t do this, do this” and so I was kind of boy mad, I was relationship mad. Getting into my teens I remember with my friends we would literally kind of go out prowling the streets. We would walk along the high street in my town where I lived and we would be looking for boys and we would be kind of flirting and coy. There was always some boy that I had my eye on. Always some guy who had my attention, I would try and make sure I was in the same place as him so that he would see me…

Me: Sounds familiar, yeah.

So I was definitely, I definitely wanted boys. That was very clear to me.

Me: And you got engaged to a boy at one stage, right?

Corrina: Yeah, so I had one really long term relationship before I met who is now my partner, and we got engaged at age 17.

Me: Wow!

We were gonna get married and we were gonna have all these babies and we were gonna live in this particular kind of house and have this life… That was the path that I thought I was on at that age.

Me: So then what happened to take you off that path?

The path to self-discovery

Corrina: Well that relationship was not the right one, and so that ended 4 years later and I stayed then single for quite a while. You know, I was really wanting to find myself.

So I went on this whole spiritual, personal growth journey. I read every book I could get, I did meditation, I went vegan… It had this whole kind of personal growth change in my life.

Me: What do you think prompted that? Was it the end of that relationship that prompted that? I mean, what were your thoughts? Were you just like ‘Oh I think I need to take care of myself more’ or become a different person, or…?

Corrina: I was in Australia and I was just there travelling for a year. And I met this guy – surprisingly enough – in a cafe. He just said “Hey I go to this meditation course down the road, why don’t you come along”.

And so I went and that very first moment, that very first time in the room with that meditation teacher, she told me that I was a spiritual being. She said to me – to the whole group but I really heard this – “You are a spirit soul having this human experience, but you are a spiritual being”.

It was like someone had just told me who I was. Like “oh my gosh, that’s who I am, this human life is how I get to journey and explore and have an adventure, but I’m a spiritual being”.

The layers (or the clothes) fall away

Me: So did you have that as like an inner knowing, or how did you experience it? Because people experience those things in different ways, right? Some people experience a physical sensation of light, other people experience it as just an inner sense of knowing…

Corrina: It was like all my clothes fell off.

Me: (laughs) Um…I haven’t heard that one before!

Corrina: It was like this casing, this casing just fell off. I literally woke up the next morning and I was vegan, I went from a complete meat eater to being vegan overnight just like that. And I was just on this journey then to just explore and discover myself and get back to the essential nature of my being.

It was like everything that wasn’t true about me just kind of fell away over the coming months.

Me: Wow. That’s very cool!

Corrina: Yeah, it was pretty cool, I felt much lighter, it was like clothes coming off. I was just light, I was much, much lighter, much more energized, much freer, much more joyful.

Me: It’s interesting that you say that for you, all your clothes coming off, like some people might associate that with being exposed, right? Being vulnerable. And for you, you associate that with being light. So that’s really interesting.

Corrina: And just free. I remember in Australia, those kind of days, weeks after that moment. It was like I was floating along the streets. I was so free, I was feeling so connected with people, like I had just woken up.

On to Cambridge University…and a fated bus trip

Me: Yeah. Wow! And so how did you get from there to Cambridge University?

Corrina: Yeah, so I decided that I wanted to do teacher training so I came to Cambridge University and signed up for the English and Drama teacher training course here. And on that very first day in class, they sat me next to this woman called Sam. There was something about her that just immediately kind of, like something just…a light bulb went off or something just happened. It was like ‘Huh, she’s just come on my radar really strongly, why am I paying attention to her so much?’

So she was really in my awareness and we were both in the same school together so we were both placed to do our teacher practice in the same school. And on the first day of teaching practice, I got onto the bus that would take us to our practice school and I got on and she was sitting in the front seat.

Now I always need to sit in the front seat in a bus because I get travel sick. So I just went over to her…I’d already clocked her as someone who was on my radar, and I just said “Oh, are you OK if I join you in the front seat?” And she said “Yeah sure, I have to sit here because I get travel sick” and I said “Oh me too!”

So we sat side by side and over the months to come we became best friends. Just absolutely clicked, became best friends, incredible support through the whole teaching practice.

A brave declaration

Me: And was there any like physical attraction at that stage? Or did that come later?

Corrina: Immediately! Immediately, I was like ‘Huh! What is this woman doing to me, what is this, what is happening here? I just feel energized around her, she lights me up, I feel excited, I feel like the world is just kind of shinier…’

Me: Wow!

Corrina: Everything just felt brighter and more energized.

Me: It sounds like a good, a good…I don’t know, I mean, I’ve never like taken acid or anything but (laughs) it sounds like, you know, a positive drug experience without the drugs, right?

Corrina: (laughs) Totally! Totally, a kind of ‘switch-on, turn-on, I’m awake, I’m alive, oh my gosh, who are you’ kind of thing.

Me: Was it the same for her as well?

Corrina: Well what was so funny was that over the months that then came, was that I basically told her (laughs). I just said “Basically I’ve realized that I’m just completely in love with you. Do you feel that too?”

Me: Wow! That was so brave of you cause you were friends at that stage, right? Like best friends, you don’t want to wreck your relationship with your best friend by taking the risk but you did!

Corrina: I just did! And that’s kind of, you know, the kind of continuity of the whole spiritual journey for me of just like I’m free. You know, I’m free. If I feel this thing, I have to follow my heart. I have to just blurt out like “I’m in love with you, I don’t know if you feel the same way”. And to start out with, it wasn’t something that she let herself feel straight away.

Determined and keeping faith

Me: So what did she say when you said this? When you blurted this out?

Corrina: She said “You know, I feel really connected with you, I love you a lot as a friend, but it’s not romantic for me”.

Me: And how did that make you feel?

Corrina: Oh, heartbroken. Absolutely heartbroken. But also there was something… it was almost like inside I was going ‘You just wait!’ (laughs) ‘You just wait. I know that you’re the one for me, I’ll just be patient, I’ll just hang on’.

Me: Oh wow! Other people though could have had quite a different reaction, right? I mean some people might have, I imagine anyway, some people might have just, you know, stayed in the heartbroken phase and then just walked away, right? And lost it.

Corrina: No, I believed, I really had faith that this… There was a reason I was feeling this way, I couldn’t ignore it, I couldn’t shake it, I just kept believing in it and stayed consistently just loving her and being a good friend in the months where… You know, it took 3 months basically of us staying friends and me just loving her, and loving her, and loving her. And then just after Christmas we got together as a couple.

And just before Christmas…

Me: And what happened? So how did that happen? Like you’re friends, it’s been like you know 3 months, she knows how you feel, did she just all of a sudden like make a move? Or did she say something to you?

Corrina: Well, I made the move. Again.

Me: (laughs) Oh my god! So it’s like ‘OK I’ve already been kind of rejected once, let me have another go’. Right?

Corrina: Exactly! (laughs) Or a few gos! So there was that initial conversation and then there was another conversation where I basically said – this was just before Christmas – I basically said “Are you sure?”

Me: Oh my god!

Corrina: “I still feel this thing…” and she again was like “No really, we’re just friends”. So that was the second time and then third time lucky! I just made a move and I thought ‘You know what? I’m just gonna take a risk again, I’m just gonna be bold. What’s the worst that can happen? Rejection, right? What’s the best that can happen? I can be with the love of my life’.

Me: Oh my god – yeah but that was still just so…Right, OK. That was still just so brave. Once is already like super brave, right? Braver than most people. Twice is like oh my god, you know, three times you start to think OK, hmmm…

Corrina: Yeah, and it worked! (laughs) Third time lucky and it was just after Christmas and that was now 13 years ago – 14 years ago.

What was she thinking?

Me: And so what did she, like…You made the move and what did she then say? Was she like ‘oh I didn’t know until you touched me’ or was she like ‘oh I realized it at the same time as you’ or was she…

Corrina: I think it was less of a thought thing. It was just, you know, when it happened then it just felt right. Like ‘oh this is where I was meant to be, OK, got it’.

Me: And that’s what she felt too? Was that how she verbalised it to you?

Corrina: Well and to give her credit here, so she’s gay and I’m bi, right? So for a gay woman, if a bisexual woman says ‘I’m in love with you’, there’s gonna be a sense of ‘hmm, OK maybe you’re just trying this out, maybe actually this is just a kind of short-term thing for you and really you’re gonna want to be with guys’

Me: Yeah, I’ve heard that, yeah.

Proving her love

Corrina: So it’s a real credit for her that for those months she was, you know, guarding her heart for that, because you don’t know what’s gonna happen, if that person declaring their love for you is gonna be constant. So I had to kind of prove that actually I meant it. When I said I loved her, I meant it and I was gonna be in it for the long haul.

Me: So do you think that a part of her was not testing you, but kind of like unconsciously perhaps waiting? You know?

Corrina: Yeah.

Me: Oh OK, that makes a lot more sense. Cause in my mind I was imagining somebody who, you know, was neither gay nor bi and who maybe had, I don’t know, only gone out with guys or something and so then for somebody like that it would be much more of a 180, right?

Corrina: Yeah, no she’s gay through and through.

Me: Well, fortunately for you as it turns out, right? (laughs)

The human being behind the coverings

Corrina: Well that’s the thing for me as a bisexual woman. For me it’s not about the fact that I like men and women, it’s the fact that I like people and the gender is just irrelevant.

And that’s kind of part of what happened in that spiritual awakening moment in Australia. It was like all of the coverings, you know, whether it’s our bodies or our personalities or any of that is kind of what covers the essence of us. And actually for me the essence of someone doesn’t have a gender.

So I fell in love with her like I might have thought or indeed fell in love with guys in the past because I just fall in love with the person, you know, that essence of the human beings behind all the trappings.

Me: That’s amazing because I feel the same way. It’s kind of weird how that works, right? It’s kind of like yeah, you feel the essence of the person.

Seeing into the soul

I mean I even had one guy say to me – this was like in a totally different context and we did not get together in the end but I do remember him saying to me at one point, I mean he wasn’t the right person for me but he was kind of freaked out at one stage. Because he was like “It’s like you want my soul!” and I was saying “It’s not that I want your soul, it’s that I see it!” I believe that I see it, right?

And I think that you know, some people… I mean, credit to Sam as well because she’s obviously a really strong person too in that, you know, some people would be freaked out by that, right? Some people would be like ‘oh well…it’s the real me here that’s being…I don’t know if I want to say exposed but seen, right?

Some people…we use those trappings to cover stuff up, right? As we all know, so…That brings a level of intimacy that’s probably quite cool I would imagine, right?

Corrina: Yeah, and you know, don’t get me wrong, I love that she’s a woman as well. I love her long hair and her soft skin and her blue eyes, all the things that make her a woman as well I love. So it’s not like I don’t see those things, but that was never gonna be a filter, like I would only go for…

The spectrum of sexuality

Me: Yeah. I mean it’s really interesting because I…for me, I’m sure, I would imagine perhaps for you as well, I see the whole homosexual/heterosexual thing as this big spectrum and I have a really good friend who…Well I do playback theater and one of my friends, she’s in a playback theater troupe where they’re all either bi or gay or whatever, and then we did a workshop at one point. They were inviting guest playbackers to go.

And one of the exercises they did that was…I just thought it was really cool. They said ‘put yourself…if stage left is like totally 100 percent gay and stage right is totally 100 percent heterosexual, put yourself on the spectrum, place yourself physically where you think you are’.

It was really cool to see people, you know, all along the stage, all at different points. I just thought that was very normal, right? Because we’re all…for me, anyway, in my mind we’re all spiritual beings and so as you say, there’s no gender there, right?

Corrina: And for some people there are. You know, that’s the thing, people who are that kind of 100 percent on the spectrum, brilliant, they’re really clear that they only want people of the opposite or the same sex. Yes, spectrum is beautiful.

What Corrina does now

Me: Yeah, wow! So now I really want to know more then about how… (laughs)…how you went from, well, what you do now to help people with their relationships. Because obviously you have a lot more knowledge than when you were in primary school and I know you’re helping people with a lot more than how to not get unwanted pregnancies and things! (laughs)

Corrina: (laughs) Absolutely!

Me: So what do you do now with people and how do you help them have these beautiful, deep relationships?

Corrina: Yeah, and my work is around all relationships that are important. So it’s…my clients, some of them it’s really about their partner relationship but for others it’s about their relationship with their mom or their daughter or their brother.

For me, connection…it’s a kind of cliche but connection is what we’re hard wired for. We as human beings love to connect, we love to love people with our full hearts. But there are so many things that stop that from happening within us. We get resentful, we get frustrated, we get disappointed, we feel let down, we feel indignant, all of this.

And I over the course of my own personal journey have found a very, very miraculous way of dealing with all those blocks. So it’s the process of questioning your thoughts, questioning your stories, that block connection.

An example of our made-up stories

So let’s say I’m with Sam and let’s say she’s saying something that sounds critical. My story in my head goes, ‘she’s criticizing me, she doesn’t love me, she’s being mean to me’. You know, ‘I want her to be kind, I want her not to point out my flaws’, all of that. That is all story. It’s all mental. It’s all…

Me: Yes! It’s all made up.

Corrina: It’s all made up! And we don’t realize it, we think, ‘no but this is true, she’s criticizing me, this is what’s happening’. And so what I am so blessed to have come into contact with a number of years ago is the process of questioning those thoughts. Just sitting with those thoughts and asking them, ‘Is this true? Is this accurate, is this the correct interpretation of what’s going on?’ Not just is it true that that’s what’s going on, but is it true that I would be better off if it were happening differently?

Me: OK…

Corrina: Like am I sure? So let’s say your loved one is truly critizing you. They’re saying to you “you’re a stupid, ugly, whatever, whatever”. Can I be sure that my happiness depends on them not saying that? Can I be sure that I can only feel good about myself and peaceful if they stop doing that? Because it sets up a very limited version of life if I’m always waiting for someone else to give me something, to give me what I think I need in order to be peaceful and happy. It’s like I delay my peace and my happiness until other people and other circumstances arrange themselves in just the right way.

Our rules…and our scripts

Me: Yeah, it’s like our rules, right? Where we all have these rules about what has to happen for us to be happy and the more…the easier it is to be happy, then the happier we are, right?

Corrina: Exactly, exactly. I talk about our scripts. It’s like, I realized pretty early on with Sam that I had a script, that if she followed this script and she said and she did exactly what I, you know, expected her to do then I would feel happy, but if she went off script then I wouldn’t be happy, I’d be pissed off. She really helped me see this, she said to me one day “Why don’t you just give me your fucking script Corrina! Give me your script, tell me what I need to do”. And I was like “How dare you! This is just what you’re meant to do, you’re my wife, this is how you’re meant to treat me”.

Then it kind of dawned on me a few days later, like ‘oh my gosh, my script is the source of all of my unhappiness. Every moment that I want her to be doing something other than what’s reality, I am causing my own unhappiness’.

Corrina’s ‘big work’

Me: Right. So then your relationship was, I guess, far from…I don’t want to say far from idyllic, but you had to work through some of this stuff in your relationship with Sam?

Corrina: One hundred percent. I wouldn’t be doing this work if I hadn’t had to…if this hadn’t been my big work. You know, so yes like I was completely besotted with her in the beginning, and we got together and it was blissful, and then all my stories started to kick in. ‘Hmmm, well she’s not this’ and ‘hmmm, she said that and that’s not OK’ and ‘would I be better off with someone who did this’ and you know, all those stories eroded what I had imagined would be this perfect relationship. So it’s like I had to work on that, I had to take those stories and stop those stories from sabotaging this beautiful relationship that we had underneath all those stories.

Me: Yeah. It’s good that you managed to do that, thank goodness, right?

Corrina: I mean, it saved my marriage. It saved my relationship.

A daily practice

Me: And did it take a long time?

Corrina: Yeah, it’s a daily practice. It really is a daily practice, it’s like if you want to be fit, like you’ve done today (laughs), you go to the gym, you go for a run, you do your yoga. You don’t just be like ‘oh I’ll do it one time and then it’s done’. If you want a healthy, thriving, fit relationship with anybody, whether it’s your son or your dad or your sister, there’s daily practice to do. There’s daily work to do every time you get triggered, every time something gets in the way of you being totally, wholeheartedly connected with the human being in front of you, you’ve got something to look at there.

Me: Yeah, but at least you can…I mean, what am I trying to say, there comes a time when you catch yourself, right? At least, you know, having done a certain amount of work, then you can get to the point where you see what’s happening, right? As an observer almost and you can go ‘OK hang on, I’m doing this again, this is my script’. Whereas at the beginning, you know, when people aren’t even aware of their scripts, I imagine it takes them a little bit… well it depends on the person I guess, right? How much time it would take them to start to see and to start to implement I guess the tools that you give them, right?

Corrina: Absolutely, yes, you’re completely spot on.

When you get triggered

And you know, now I’m at the point where I get triggered and it could be like anything, right? It could be I’m on Facebook and I see a message from someone and I feel like ‘oh they should have, you know, complimented me rather than give me negative feedback on something’. Right? Instantly, ‘oh! OK, there’s a trigger! A button’s gotten pushed’. And now I’m at the point where I’m like ‘Oooh, good, what’s here for me?’

Me: I do the same thing, that’s really funny! Yeah, I had something that happened the other day that made me so angry and then I’m like ‘OK if this is making me this angry and, you know, the other 30 people in the room are not angry, they actually think it’s quite cute…’ (laughs)

We all get triggered, even by 8-year old authors

I’ll tell you what it was, it was quite funny. I was at this day workshop with an amazing speaker and there was this little girl, she’s like 8 years old and she’s written a book. Actually she’s written 3 books, right?

Corrina: Wow!

Me: And it made me so annoyed! And I just thought…you know, not only envious, obviously envious, you know, 3 books at age 8, but also annoyed because, you know, her mom was there and I knew what it was. It brought up all the old scripts of, you know, stage mothers because I did theater before and so I had a good friend who had a stage mother who was just absolutely unbearable whereas, you know, my mom was the opposite.

So I see what you mean, you get these reactions, right, that are completely irrational because the people around me were applauding her and they were like ‘oh isn’t that wonderful’ and I was like inside going ‘this is making me so angry!’ But we all get triggered, don’t we, right?

Examples of tiny triggers

Corrina: Oh, everyone. And it could be like the tiniest thing, that’s what I always find fascinating. It could be just one line in an email. Or it could be just the way that your partner, you know, turns over in their sleep, just the tiniest little things.

Often my clients say to me “Oh, you know, I can’t bring this to you today, it’s just so small” and I’m like “No, no, that’s exactly what to bring!”. The fact that he put tofu in the stir fry rather than kidney beans, you know. There was something, there was some offense against you. So there you are with that 8 year old girl, that offense that she’s committing against you in that moment that’s kind of violating something is like, you know, ‘she’s further ahead than me’ or ‘she’s achieved one of my life goals’ or, you know…

Me: Yeah, and she’s 8 and I’m 55!

Corrina: And she’s 8! It’s just to be so compassionate with ourselves that ‘oh look, there’s this part of me that feels in some way threatened or violated or hurt by this, let me just so lovingly look there and heal that part of myself’.

Being compassionate with yourself

Me: Ah, yeah, that’s a really key point there that you brought up so I just wanted to emphasize it, yeah. That being compassionate with that part of ourselves, right? Rather than being like, OK, you know, with that kind of…what’s the word, forced smile on our faces, going ‘Ah, another beautiful part of me to transform’, you know (laughs), right? Right?

And we can be quite hard on ourselves with that, right, and be like ‘OK what’s at the bottom of this!’ and take a kind of like pickaxe to it. At least that’s what I would do or could do rather than choosing to as you say, acknowledge with love that part of ourselves and treat it as part of, you know, part of the inner child or whatever you want to call it, that needs love and compassion. That’s a really interesting point that we don’t want to forget. Wow! That’s very cool.

How to work with Corrina

So when you work with people, I would love to hear just a bit more about what the different ways are that you…Do people come to see you in an office, or do you do things online, or how does that work?

Corrina: Yes, so right now it’s one to one. There’s a potential of me offering something else in the kind of group workshop, retreat way, but not for now. What I do is I do free videos, everyone can just watch a free video every week, all about relationship hotspots and how to move past them, and then if people feel inspired and really like they’re wanting that support, they can have the one to one coaching.

And for now that is by Skype or by phone, and I’m just starting to also offer that in person as well for people who I’m unable to physically meet with.

Me: Yeah. That’s really fantastic, well thank you so much. What I’ll do is, I’ll link to everything that you do in the show notes but where’s the best place for people to look online to find out more about what you’re doing and more about you and to get access to the videos and things?

An online video library…and a 7 Day Relationship Challenge

Corrina: Yeah, so if they go to, I’ll just spell that out, and if you go to the blog page that’s where I’ve got all the videos and articles that have happened so far. So that’s a really good place just to go, it’s like settling into a library of relationship wisdom and gems, just settling in and watching some of the videos and just seeing if the approach makes sense to you.

The right people for this work are people who watch a video and go ‘oh my gosh, that makes so much sense!’ And they apply that tip that I’m sharing and they come back and they say “Wow I had this incredible experience with my mom! Because I did the thing that you…” I do like challenges in the video so they’re like “I did the challenge that you set and I had a completely different experience with my mom this week, thank you!”

Me: That’s brilliant!

Corrina: It’s so good, it’s so satisfying. So on the blog page that’s where people can look at all the videos so far. And on the homepage people can sign up for the free 7 Day Relationship Challenge.

7 days to feel more connected

Me: That sounds intriguing for sure!

Corrina: Yes! It’s 7 days to feel more connected, that’s the overarching focus. How can you feel more connected? That beautiful feeling of just wholehearted connection with the person in front of you, and I give a number of challenges that you can actually implement to help you feel that way.

Me: That is really fantastic! Well, I mean yeah, because as you say, we’re all starving for connection and I mean, we could do a whole episode just about the different ways people connect, right? Through food and smoking and alcohol, and, you know, apart from people, right?

Corrina: Facebook!

Me: Facebook! There’s so many…it’s a massive, massive topic but…so I wish we had more time! But thank you so much for being here to share your story, because I love your story and I love your journey and I really, really love what you’re doing right now, so I’m really grateful that you took the time to share that with us, so thank you so much!

Corrina: You’re very welcome, thank you so much!

A food to help with travel sickness

So now I mentioned at the beginning of this episode that I’d share with you one of the best foods you can eat for help with travel sickness. And I think it will come as no surprise for most of you anyway to hear that that food is…ginger!

Ginger has so many benefits it’s ridiculous. Not only can it help with travel sickness, but it’s also beneficial for other causes of nausea, like morning sickness, and it can help with pain relief as well.

Why ginger is so helpful

So this powerful little root contains loads of antioxidant and antiinflammatory compounds, including curcumin and capsaicin which are also found in turmeric which is another superfood. They’re part of the same plant family, turmeric, ginger and cardamom.

Ginger also contains a ton of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, iron, zinc and folate. A big list, right?

And ginger is a great way to warm us up, because it’s a diaphoretic (that was my new word for today), which means that it heats the body from the inside out. So if you live in a cold climate for example, ginger can literally help warm you up inside. It also helps promote sweating, which is why it’s so good to have ginger tea if you’ve got a cold and you need to sweat out some toxins.

Ginger even helps with pain relief

But did you know that ginger can also help with pain relief? Two examples are exercise-induced muscle pain (so if you work out, eat some ginger), as well as menstrual cramps. So the next time you’re feeling crampy (I don’t know if that’s a word but I’ve just decided it is!), make yourself some strong ginger tea and see how you feel.

Ginger can also help reduce inflammation, so scientists are looking to see if it can help with cancer, and particularly colon cancer. Ginger also is showing promise for helping treat that as well as inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

I’ll link to an article in the show notes that has more information about ginger’s many properties and benefits, it also includes links to the actual research in case you’d like to know more about that. And in addition I’ll link to an article that has some overall tips for avoiding travel sickness, including using ginger.

So how do you eat ginger?

If you need help with travel sickness and you want instant relief, well, you can definitely try peeling the root and gnawing on a piece…although I haven’t done that myself. Ginger’s pretty strong stuff.

What I do is I usually juice a small piece of ginger with some carrots and apples for a really zinging morning juice. It tastes really, really good. Or you can pop a piece into your blender with other veggies and maybe some fruit for a green smoothie or a soup to give it a bit of a zing. It also helps you use less salt because it’s got a really strong flavor.

Other people prefer to slice a few pieces into some very hot water and let it steep for a while with a slice or two of lemon to make ginger tea.

And you can also grate ginger into soups, curries and other savory dishes. Or even just chop it finely and use it in stir-frys.

I’ll link in the show notes to some recipes that I’ve got in my 5-Minute Mains recipe ebook that use ginger too, such as my Green Thai Curry.

One thing for sure that I definitely recommend is that you use fresh ginger root wherever possible, rather than powdered ginger or capsules. I say that because the fresh vegetable is so easy to use and it’s always best I think to have the actual vegetable rather than some dried out version in a plastic capsule. But then again if capsules are all you have access to, better that than no ginger!

If you do try something new with ginger, or something else that you feel can help with travel sickness, definitely share in the comments because I want to know!

Have YOU got a story to share?

Which brings us to the end of this week’s story – and if you’ve got a true story to share (and you’d like to know what food could have saved the day in your situation), I’d love to hear from you!

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Link to 5-Minute Mains and other recipe ebooks:

Article with nutritional information on ginger as well as links to scientific studies:

Article with general tips to help with travel sickness:

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