More raw food on the go!


Back to the theatre tonight…so more raw food on the go!

I’ve got some more tips for you on what to bring when you need to pack some raw food to keep you going (see my first post in this series here).

There’s a recipe too for some delicious cashew milk.

Dinner tonight

Here’s what I’m bringing this time:

  • A thermos full of my raw curry soup
  • Some fruit
  • Some nuts (not this whole big jar, that’s for sure!)
  • And…my ‘secret weapon’.

What secret weapon?

Well, check out the jar on the right.

It looks like an inoffensive jar of chocolate milk, right?

It’s actually some concentrated cashew milk that I made this morning, blended with some raw chocolate powder and xylitol.

When I feel like a hot drink, I’ll just add some hot water and have an instantly healthy hot chocolate!

More raw food on the go…get yourself a thermos!

Many people ask me what thermos to get. I recommend the Thermos Stainless King 16-ounce food jar. It’s big enough to carry soups and keeps food warm for hours.

How to make cashew milk

Cashew milk is really easy. You soak some cashews and blend them with some water. That’s it! The more water, the less concentrated your milk. If you use very little water, guess what you get? Cream.

Do you see the implications here? Mmmm….

What’s your favorite travel food? Let me know in the comments below!

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