The Spiritual Power of Natural Foods: Level 2

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A Level 2 Norfolk workshop to turbo charge your connection to spirit with simple, yet totally decadent food

When it’s happening

Sunday, 12th November 10 am to 3 pm


How it’s different from Level 1

A Level 2 Norfolk workshop, going deeper into the link between food and spirituality

This raw food workshop in Norfolk is suitable for anyone who desires to further purify their body’s temple for any kind of spiritual practice, or simply for a more balanced and vibrant life. It’s also for you if you like to eat super healthy food that’s actually totally delicious!

You don’t need to have done the Level 1 workshop, however if you’d like to do that first, the details are here.

All dishes are free from dairy, gluten, animal products and additives.

A new lunch menu, Italian style

We’ll be making:

  • Nut Cheeses
  • Italian Style ‘Pasta’ (spiralized)
  • Creamy Italian Pasta Sauce
  • Green Goddess Chia Seed Pudding (colorful AND delicious!)
  • Raw Chocolate Truffles (to take home, ha!)

How it works

Raw food as your ‘fibre optic’ connection to spirit

The day will begin with a special guided meditation, followed by a brief talk on how to help cleanse and purify the pituitary gland as well as other techniques for using raw, unprocessed foods for better nutrition and increased spiritual awareness.

We will then prepare a delicious lunch which we will eat together, with Q & A round the table.

The afternoon will be spent learning more about how to use foods for healing and spiritual work, before we prepare together some high-energy snacks for everyone to take home and share (or not share, as the case may be 🙂 )

What’s included

The workshop runs from 10am to 3pm and includes:

  • all materials and ingredients
  • the recipes
  • our gorgeous lunch
  • a bag of treats to share with those at home (unless you eat them in the car on the way home, ha!)

Schedule for the day

A day of inspiration

10 am to 11 am: Gong meditation w/guided meditation, interactive talk on raw food, nutrition, spirituality

11 to 12 noon: Make a meal together

12 to 1 pm: Lunch, with Q & A round the table

1 to 2pm: Interactive talk on foods and beverages specifically for healing and spiritual practice, including anti-radiation foods and foods to cleanse and help heighten our connection to our pituitary gland

2 to 3pm: Make snacks together for everyone to take home

Our wonderful venue

We will be in a beautiful, intimate venue in Sporle, Norfolk. The exact address will be sent to you upon booking.

How to book

Click below to go directly to PayPal, and you’ll be all set! I can’t wait to spoil you!


Please note that workshop tickets are non-refundable. You may however transfer them to another party, provided you email the name change(s) to us. Thank you.

Here’s what people said about the Level 1 workshop

“I loved this because it made raw food easy, not fussy, fast, simple and doable. I feel I can go home and have a go myself! I might even convince my family to try it! Thank you!” – Heather Johnson,

“Lovely combination of raising your vibrations with meditations and simple ways of eating raw. I loved discovering how to make nettle tea, delicious!” – Jo Johns, UK

“A very enjoyable hands-on event to learn how to start adapting your life in a wonderfully healthy way without cooking or depleting natural ingredients and avoiding so many chemicals, additives and damaging ingredients” – Pauline Fance, UK

“A fascinating course! Hands on and great fun, to make healthy and tasty food!” – Gill Banks, UK

“Awesome setting, Steve and Barbara were wonderful, informative hosts and the group size was perfect. The food we made was quick and easy, very nutritious. Roll on the second ‘Day 2’ course!” – Andy House, UK

I look forward to seeing you in Norfolk!