Pop up dinners (aka Supper Clubs)

Come and eat with friends

I host a variety of pop up dinners around Cambridge.

Some are special, one-off events.

My next one will be on Thursday 15th December at the gorgeous Ibis hotel in Cambridge.

You can also see what’s on by checking out my Facebook page.

Some examples of the dishes that I do are below.

Happy eating!

Picture of my raw food pop up dinners at Free Press pub

Food is both hot and cold, such as…

A selection of starters, like…

Picture of Baba Ghanoush for popup dinners

Baba Ghanoush

Tzatziki for popup dinners


Hey Pesto Sauce for popup dinners

Hey Pesto Sauce

There are also ‘taster platters’ for those who want a bit of everything!

A selection of mains, such as…

Picture of Oriental Noodlish soup for popup dinners

Oriental Noodlish Soup

Picture of Korma Curry for popup dinners

Korma Curry with ‘Rice’

Picture of Falafels for popup dinners

Falafels with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Again, there are taster platters available with smaller portions of everything!

Some dessert…

Picture of apple crumble for popup dinners

Apple Crumble w/Mango Vanilla Custard

Picture of chia caramel pecan pie for popup dinners

Chia Pecan Pie

Picture of Carrot Cake for raw food popup dinners

Carrot Cake

If you’d like me to make my delicious food for a special event, I do catering too. Yum!

What people say about me and my food

“I have been to a pop-up restaurant created by Barbara, as well as tasting her food at other occasions. She is extraordinarily creative, and devises fantastic dishes that surpass most ‘conventional’ food. Her energy and friendly enthusiasm are wonderful to behold, and will leave you thinking ‘I want some of what she’s having'” – Oscar

“I’d hoped to learn lots about healthy eating and to wrap my head around some new recipes. I also wanted to develop some healthy eating habits – and the total immersion with the food/drinks for 3 days has really helped me change some eating habits I thought were ingrained for life. I think you are an inspirational teacher, so enthusiastic which certainly motivated me” – Grace

“The best part about Barbara’s recipes is that they are super simple and she gives you lots of alternatives so you can prepare a delicious raw meal out of anything” – Kriti

“Barbara makes raw food taste delicious and natural, she has a rare natural intuitiveness when creating her recipes. Whilst eating it I’ve felt as if every cell is being truly nourished. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I’ve experienced feeling very inspired by her down to earth approach, and passion for what she does” – Katie

“I’ve learned much more about how to cook from such simple recipes! Thank you! I never seriously thought about making raw salad dressings, puddings, and non-smoothie/soup things. Good recipes that are relatively simple to prepare” – Joel

“Thank you so much for what you are doing – it’s completely amazing!” – Alice

“Barbara is pretty much a culinary genius… can you believe all of that is‪ vegan‬, ‪gluten-free,‬ ‪dairy-free‬, and ‪‎raw‬?!!? Did I mention ‪delicious‬!!!!!” – Brittany