Raw food classes in Cambridge (and beyond)!

Let’s get in the kitchen together! Raw food classes are such a fun way to learn how to make gorgeous food.

And mine are totally hands-on…you’ll be busy!

I offer three kinds of classes: virtual classes, in-person public classes, and in-person VIP classes.

Virtual raw food classes

Details for my virtual raw food classes are here.

In-person public classes

Details for my current in-person public classes are here.

In-person VIP classes

If you’re looking for private, VIP classes for yourself and/or a small group of your choosing, then this is the page for you!

How it works

All my raw food classes use easy-to-prepare recipes (in five minutes!), easy-to-find ingredients, and so-basic-you’ll-already-have-it kitchen equipment (we’re talking knives, a blender, and possibly a food processor – nothing you’ll need a mortgage for).

In fact, I encourage you to use your own equipment, so that you’ll feel even more comfortable (although I can bring my own equipment if you’d prefer).

In other words, everything is oh-so-practical, fun, and easy!

You’ll learn how to make many of my now-famous 5-minute recipes…plus I’ll show you how to make the most out of each recipe so that you can start to create your own versions if you want to.

I also offer help with dishes that require a bit of practice to make perfect, such as crackers, cookies and cakes – including my now famous Tortilla Chips*!

*Recipes for dried goods are usually made in a dehydrator if you want them to be 100% raw, but you can use your own oven on the lowest setting if you don’t have a dehydrator and are aiming for ‘healthy’ rather than totally raw. And I can help you do that of course 🙂


You can work with me one-on-one, or with friends.

Your place or mine

If you decide to come to me, I’ll send you details of the Cambridge venue once you’ve booked (the venue depends upon the number of participants).

If you prefer me to come to you, I am happy to do that. My travel time to any venue within 30 minutes of central Cambridge (CB2 postcode) is included in class prices.

Outside of a 30 minute journey, please contact me as travel costs may be additional.

Create your own class

We cover 3-4 recipes per hour, in depth. I go into recipe substitutions too, so that you’re actually learning how to create as many as 6 or 7 different dishes from one recipe, and you’re learning techniques at the same time, so that you can start experimenting if you want to.

You’ll create your own class by selecting some of the topics below once you’ve booked (2 for a half day, 4 for a full day).

Note: if you don’t see or know what you want, contact me! I will be happy to indulge you if I can 🙂

  • Breakfast Club (nut/seed milks, nut butters, granola, chia seed pudding, smoothies)
  • Pasta, Cheeses & Spiralizers (pastas, cheeses, sauces/dips)
  • Healthy Holidays (holiday meal with all the trimmings: nut loaf, mash, gravy, cranberry sauce, nut nog, mulled wine, chocolate truffles)
  • Cow-Free Creams and Yogurts
  • No-Fuss Cereals
  • Salads and Dressings Galore
  • Dunkworthy Dips and Sauces
  • Winter Warmers (soups, curries, stews)
  • Homestyle USA
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Mexican
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Thai
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Indian
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Chinese
  • Dreamy Desserts: No-Bake Pies, Tarts, Puddings & Treats
  • Dreamy Desserts: Raw Chocolates
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Cakes, Cookies & Pancakes**
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Crackers, Crisps, Pizza Bases, Wraps**
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Corn Chips, Kale Chips, Anything Chips**
  • Other (you tell me!)

**These topics feature recipes that take longer than 5 minutes and require a dehydrator or fan-assisted oven as well as some preparation in advance

Class prices

Note: These prices are for classes of 4 people max. For groups of 5+, contact me for group discounts (these start at £65 per person for hands-on classes).

Half day (3 hours, eg 10 am to 1 pm): £250 for one person, plus an additional £30 per extra person.

This is 3 hours of personalized teaching, plus all recipes, equipment (where needed), food, drinks and snacks. All you do is turn up!

So for example if you do it with a friend, the total would be £280 for 2 people, or £140 per person.

Full day (6 hours, eg 10 am to 4 pm): £450 for one person, plus an additional £30 per person.

This is 6 hours of personalized teaching including lunch together, all recipes, equipment (where needed), food, drinks and snacks. You just rock up and ‘uncook’!

So for example if you have three friends who want to do it with you, the total would be £450 + £90 = £540 split between 4 people, or £135 per person. Not bad for a full-on day of transformational, hands-on learning…and eating!

Once you’ve booked

Immediately upon booking, you’ll be sent to a page where you can contact me to confirm a date, as well as answer some questions that will enable me to identify your challenges and tailor-make your personalized class. There will be questions about:

  • What equipment you have
  • Which modules you would like to cover

Once I’ve received your answers, I’ll send you all the recipes in advance so that you’ll know exactly what we’ll be making.

We’ll meet and get “uncooking”! For a half day, we’ll cover two full modules. For a full day, we’ll cover four modules.

And after the class, you’re free to email me at any time you like with any questions you may have – I’ll want you to put into practice what you’ve learned 🙂

Choose your class, and let’s get ‘uncooking’!

Half-day class, 3 hours, 2 full modules


Choose number of participants

Full day class, 6 hours, 4 full modules


Choose number of participants

I look forward to ‘uncooking’ with you very soon!

"Barbara makes raw food taste delicious and natural. She has a rare natural intuitiveness when creating her recipes. While eating it I’ve felt as if every cell is being truly nourished. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I’ve experienced feeling very inspired by her down-to-earth approach and passion for what she does."

Katie Cross

"Barbara’s timesaver tricks are exactly what I needed. I was beginning to feel like it was all getting too confusing and boring, but not anymore!"

Rosie Tait