Here are my raw food topics – or modules – that I currently teach

Each module emphasizes principles to create endless recipes, and includes followup access to answer any questions

Raw food topics

For a full day’s class, you would typically choose 4 topics (except for Raw Food Basics which is a day in itself).

Otherwise you can create your own class by selecting a mixture of other topics: for example, 2 topics for a half day.

  • Breakfast Club (nut/seed milks, nut butters, granola, chia seed pudding, smoothies)
  • Pasta, Cheeses & Spiralizers (pastas, cheeses, sauces/dips)
  • Healthy Holidays (holiday meal with all the trimmings: nut loaf, mash, gravy, cranberry sauce, nut nog, mulled wine, chocolate truffles)
  • Cow-Free Creams and Yogurts
  • No-Fuss Cereals
  • Salads and Dressings Galore
  • Dunkworthy Dips and Sauces
  • Winter Warmers (soups, curries, stews)
  • Homestyle USA
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Mexican
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Thai
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Indian
  • Ethnic Indulgence: Chinese
  • Dreamy Desserts: No-Bake Pies, Tarts, Puddings & Treats
  • Dreamy Desserts: Raw Chocolates
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Cakes, Cookies & Pancakes**
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Crackers, Crisps, Pizza Bases, Wraps**
  • Dehydrated Decadence: Corn Chips, Kale Chips, Anything Chips**
  • Other (you tell me!)

**Note: These topics feature recipes that take longer than 5 minutes and require a dehydrator or fan-assisted oven as well as some preparation in advance

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