Why do people go raw?

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Why do people go raw?

People go raw for many different reasons, but the most common ones are for specific health benefits, including weight control.

I went raw because I discovered that I could eat food that tasted amazing and still slim down, with no calorie-counting, measuring, or portion control. Does that sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself!

Benefits to eating raw

There are many benefits to eating raw. Here’s what people have said they’ve noticed:

  • Gorgeous skin and hair
  • Sparkly eyes and overall “rejuvenation” – many raw food fans look ten years younger!
  • More energy (people may ask you to stop bouncing all over the place – that’s what happens to me)
  • Increased feelings of happiness, confidence, and well-being…with added benefits of more patience, less stress, and a greater feeling of “connectedness” – as if you’ve turned on a magic tap
  • More “lust for life,” take that as you will (yes – some of these foods are aphrodisiacs, although I’ve included them for health benefits, I promise!)
  • Relief from aches and pains (this is what happened to me…my knees were ecstatic)
  • Feeling full and satisfied like never before
  • Gaining at least two hours in your day if not more – for work or play!
  • Being more in touch with what you really want, so improved decision-making, more of a sense of what is right for you in any given moment, being more true to yourself, a clearer notion of your life’s path…
  • Unexpected dinner guests (“Have you got any more of that chocolate pudding?”)

Do I have to be 100% raw to get these kinds of benefits?

Absolutely not! If at least 50% of your intake is raw, you’ll definitely see some brilliant results – and sooner rather than later.

The amazing thing is that the more raw food you eat, the less junk food you’ll want to eat. You may still get cravings (most of us do), but even if you give into them, you won’t eat as much of it because your body will want more and more “clean” food. This is truly magical!

If you don’t want your meals to be 100% raw – or if you’re feeding others who don’t want all raw – I recommend that you add a bit of cooked food such as rice (my preference), pasta, cooked veggies, or a bit of meat. It’s best to have starch or meat – the two don’t combine very well.

You may find that if your past eating habits haven’t been…shall we say, ideal (lots of fast food or greasy foods), then it may be best for you to do this. I’d rather you go slowly and be happy!

I’ve got two teenagers who don’t eat raw, and that was at the top of my mind when I created my recipes. All of my raw food dishes are compatible with meat, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, and noodles.

You’ll find a wide selection of my favorite quick and easy recipes here.

Tired of struggling with different meals for the whole family?