A podcast for women’s stories, let’s share and inspire each other

Here’s how I decided to create a podcast for women’s stories.

When I went to the International Women’s Day website recently, they talked about taking bold action. The question they asked was:

What’s your bold action?

In other words, what are we doing to help bring about a more inclusive, gender equal world?

And I decided that one of the best things I could do was create a podcast!

Why a podcast for women’s stories

Because a podcast is a great way to share stories.

And I’d been wanting to share some of my own stories for quite a while now.

So after months of preparation (and wanting to do this for FOUR YEARS), my new podcast Clean Food, Dirty Stories is now live!

The purpose of the podcast

My aim is for us to share women’s stories that are real and raw (just like my food, of course). I want us to inspire, entertain and encourage each other through the stories that we all have.

Note: The women’s stories are gritty rather than dirty – but ‘gritty stories’ sounds like I’m covered in gravel, which just didn’t happen. So I took a bit of poetic licence there 🙂

And of course there’s food involved

So before you think ‘OK bold action is all very well, but what’s that got to do with food?’ let me tell you that I also share food tips that go with the theme for each story.

For example in my first story involving a French hypnotist and teaching people English while they slept (oh yes), I share what food could have helped those (crazy) clients learn even better.

In my story called “I blame the sexy Italian“, I share a common food that can help you breathe better (and yes, breathing is a very important part of the story, especially when you find yourself in a very vulnerable position).

And on it goes. It’s actually really fun to think about what food could have helped in a particular situation…for instance in Episode 4, When Your Girlfriend Marries A Felon (coming out later this week), I talk about one of the absolute best stress-busters. Because what a stressful situation, right?

We’ve all got stories

We all have stories where things happened that made us feel vulnerable, scared, challenged, amazed, or just plain crazy. And I think our lives are richer when we share them.

So I started the podcast with my own stories, but…I’d love to hear yours! If you’ve got a true story you’d like to share, email me!

To listen to the podcast

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To subscribe, leave a review…and make my day(!)

If you do go to iTunes and you’d like to subscribe and/or leave a review (oh yes!), iTunes isn’t exactly intuitive. It can be hard to figure out how to do both (especially how to leave a review), so I’ve put instructions below (if you know how, just skip this part!)

Note: Mom I put this here for you (’cause I know she’s gonna ask me…:-) )

First, click this link to go to my iTunes podcast page

Next, click on the blue ‘View in iTunes’ button as shown below

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At this point, you may be prompted to launch iTunes on your computer. Click the button that will launch iTunes.

instructions for podcast for women's stories

Click on “Ratings and Reviews”, then click on “Write A Review”

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Write an honest review and click “Submit”

instructions for podcast for women's stories

And if you like my podcast, please let other women know! Let’s inspire each other with all of our incredible, real, raw and amazing stories.

Here’s to rocking everyone’s world!

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