You’re in a new country for 5 days. What do you buy?

A laptop to show how to eat raw abroad

Ever wondered how to eat raw abroad? When you’ll only be away for a few days, and you’ve got your own apartment or self-catering setup?

Or what to buy if you’re staying with a friend for a few days?

A friend asked me this question, and I thought it was such a great one:

“You’re going to be staying at apartment X for only 5 days/5 nights. You will be making one-two meals/day at home during that time. You don’t want to waste a ton of food when you leave. What do you buy?”

You don’t want to buy lots of spices, oils and condiments. You do want to continue to eat raw, or at least vegetarian. So what do you do?

First you buy this

  • A Tribest personal blender. This is my one must-have piece of equipment when I travel. It’s not too heavy, it’s small, strong and doesn’t cost very much. A small price for ‘raw freedom’!
  • A big bag of spinach or other similar dark greens (get greens that taste good raw) for smoothies/salads
  • Some extra salad greens (types of lettuce or other leaves)
  • Some bananas
  • A mango, a papaya, a few peaches, persimmons or other soft sweet fruit
  • A small bag of cashews or other nuts (cashews are my first choice because they’re easy to blend and they go with anything.
  • Brazil nuts or walnuts (you can use these instead of cashews for soups and sauces, but do soak them overnight before blending)
  • A small bag of mixed dried fruit
  • Some tomatoes
  • Some mushrooms and onions
  • Some corn
  • A few sweet peppers
  • Some lemons
  • A small bottle of olive oil
  • Sea salt (if you use salt, you can use tamari or Nama Shoyu instead)

Then you do this

For breakfast(s)/dessert(s)

Use some of the sweet fruit with a banana in the morning in a smoothie with some of the spinach/greens.

Mix any leftover fruit to make a dessert (50% banana and 50% other fruits makes a super fast dessert, or a different kind of breakfast).

You can top your pudding with the nuts and/or dried fruit.

For mains

Use some of the nuts/dried fruit, chopped tomatoes and spinach/greens on salads.

Blend some of the tomatoes with the spinach and cashews/soaked nuts for a quick soup (I’m not mentioning spices here but if you had any you could toss some in, otherwise pick up a small amount of fresh coriander and use that in both blended soups and salads).

Chop a tomato on another day to add to the salad. Or stuff it with the fruit and nut mixture, and top with a quick dressing using spinach, warm water and cashews.

Chop mushrooms and onions and add to soups and salads.

Mix the corn with spinach, tomatoes, onions and peppers for a nice salad, or use the mixture to stuff the sweet peppers (you can heat these up in the oven if you don’t want them raw).

For snacks

Combine dried fruit and nuts to have a trail mix to carry around or just for snacking anytime.

If you can get tahini wherever you are (sesame seed paste), I’d get a small pot of that – you can add it to smoothies and sauces or just dip veggies into it. It makes a great spinach dip: blend it with spinach (use 4 big handfuls of spinach for 2 tablespoons of tahini). It also makes smoothies more filling so if you’re doing exercise it’s a good thing to have.

Use lemon juice and olive oil for a quick salad dressing, and also to add to soups. You can also marinate the mushrooms in your lemon juice/olive oil salad dressing for a few hours and they’ll taste great – same for sweet peppers and corn.

Non-raw extras (in case you need them)

Get some rice, quinoa or something similar. Cook some on the first day and use it in your salads and soups. Or eat on its own with some spinach/cashew/tomato sauce poured over it.

If someone needs meat, my choice would be chicken because you can cook the chicken breasts separately and then as with the rice, add pieces to soups and salads.

That’s how I would do it!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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