Banana and Passionfruit Mousse recipe

Banana and passionfruit pudding

Happy New Year…a bit late! I’ve got a banana and passionfruit recipe here for you which is ultra simple!

I’ve been striving to keep things simple today and I thought I’d share what I think is the best breakfast ever, as well as an amazing snack, and it only takes a minute – mashed up banana and passionfruit.

I mashed one banana with a fork.

I cut a passionfruit in half and scooped the seeds out on top of the banana.

I mixed the banana and passionfruit together.

Then I scooped the mixture into each half of the husk of the passionfruit.

And ta da! A gorgeous banana and passionfruit mousse recipe, for a really delicious breakfast!

Try it and see!

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