A birthday cake in 5 minutes!

Quick_Chocolate_Cake as birthday cake in 5 minutes

“I can make a birthday cake in 5 minutes.” Hmmm, I bet that’s not something you hear every day!

Thursday was my birthday, and I was rushing around in the morning (as usual) getting two teenagers their packed lunches (as usual) while they ran around in towels wondering where their dirty sports shoes were (as oh so usual!)

I was going out for the day and wanted to bring a cake with me – so I whipped up my own birthday cake in 5 minutes flat!

I was going to make some chocolate spread to go with it, but actually it tasted fantastic on its own. It was nice and chewy, and my gluten-free friends loved it too, as well as my ‘eat-any-kind-of-cake-as-long-as-it’s-got-chocolate’ friends.

This is just one of the gorgeous recipes in my 5-Minute Raw: Chocolate Heaven ebook, in addition to recipes for Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Cereal and a Chocolate Spread that you’ll seriously love!

And if you need a raw chocolate fix in the meantime, you can check out this gorgeous dessert here.

The crunchy bits you see on top are cacao nibs which are one of my favorite things ever.

Cacao nibs add a great ‘extra’ to cereal, cakes, cookies – just about anything. You can also grind them for chocolate powder too. You can get them online here.

The red bits that you see are goji berries (which you can get here). Raisins or sultanas would work too, but I love goji berries, especially when they’re soaked for just a few minutes until they’re nice and chewy.

The rest of my birthday was spent rushing around with children, even into the night, when they had made me a ‘treasure hunt’ for me to find my present!

My present was an ipod shuffle pre-charged with my favorite music (a must for those of us who aren’t that great with technology), and my own Spotify account.

Now to get my head round how to use my new gear!

It’s supposed to be for the gym, so hopefully by the time I figure out how to use it, tonight’s class won’t be over!

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