Like taking candy from a baby…because the baby’s too fat

Child as Easter Bunny in taking candy from a baby article

Healthy eating can feel like taking candy from a baby…especially when supermarkets and mainstream media aren’t on our side.

However, rumour has it that chocolate manufacturers aren’t happy because their Easter egg sales are declining…because our children are getting fatter.

Concerns about obesity

This article in the UK’s Daily Mail (read it here) tells us that “concerns about obesity are thought to have contributed to the decline of the Easter egg, with British youngsters among the fattest in Europe.”

While I am inclined to shout ‘hallelujah’ that people are finally realizing that filling our children with enumbers, transfats and basically rubbish is not a good idea, I also feel like we need to spread the word about what children can have instead.

Do you struggle with children clamoring for sweets at the checkout? Do you yourself have chocolate cravings and feel there’s no way to satisfy them without busting your jeans?

I’m all for taking candy from a baby – and giving him or her something else that’s just as delicious!

Enter raw chocolate!

Raw chocolate in our supermarkets please!!! And in our kitchens!

At least that’s what I’d say.

It’s starting to happen, thankfully!

And if you’d like a chocolate pudding recipe that will give the candy back to the baby (and to you too!), you can get it right here!

Here’s to rocking your world!

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