Come pamper yourself for the weekend!

Raw food retreats, what to expect

Sort out your raw food lifestyle and pamper yourself at the same time!

No fighting, no fussing…just delicious raw food eating, gentle detoxing, and lots of pampering!

At my raw food retreats, you learn how to integrate raw food into your busy life in just minutes each day, using basic equipment, accessible ingredients…and simple, 5-minute recipes.

Food for raw food retreats

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My next raw food retreats for 2017

My next retreat is in the UK, in the Isle of Man from 7th to 9th April at the beautiful Bright Life resort.

During the weekend, I’ll show you how to make your own gorgeous food – including batch preparation so that you can make food once or twice a week and then have a healthy meal at a moment’s notice.

You’ll learn how to make everything fast and easily, and you’ll receive your own recipe binder with all the recipes, as well as resources for where to get ingredients, and other tips and tools.

Spa for raw food retreats

You will come away feeling rested, refreshed and energised, and with the knowledge you need to be your own raw food chef.


“I think you are an inspirational teacher, so enthusiastic which certainly motivated me. My goal was to get my family eating better. I got some great ideas and also the realisation I have to let them make their own food decisions too, but just manage the unhealthy stuff to healthier foods. I loved feeling like I was part of Helena’s family. The added bits were brilliant – making the soup into salad dressing…genius. You definitely made it work for the people present.” – Frances

Picture of us in pool at raw food retreats

“I loved the combination of cookery lessons, juicing tips, and food preparation prior to each meal – being able to eat our results immediately gave each lesson an added incentive! I liked having the little snacks whilst we were having lessons/doing the food prep. The walks were wonderful, and the pampering treatments were great too. Rounding the weekend off with the swim at the health club was perfect. The total immersion with the food/drinks for 3 days has really helped me change some eating habits I thought were ingrained for life. Barbara’s teaching style is excellent!” – Grace

“Thanks for a great weekend, I made a fabulous Tomato Cream Supreme tonight and my uni student son loved it! I wanted the weekend to kickstart me into a raw food way of eating, which it did. Barbara’s teaching style is refreshing and fun” – Sian

Picture of Sian at raw food retreats

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I look forward to ‘uncooking’ with you very soon!