What is cucumber good for?


Cucumber is an amazing vegetable, with a host of properties that would surprise you. It’s one of the best raw food veggies I know.

Cucumber’s awesome nutritional properties

First of all, it’s very good for the skin.

Juice it, slice it…just be sure to eat it! Your face will thank you for it.

You can even rub a slice on your skin to help with wrinkles and cellulite, as it contains phytochemicals that help tighten sagging skin. Be sure to rub for a good few minutes. You can do it on one side of your face and see if you spot a difference!

It’s also got loads of vitamins and minerals

I think this is pretty cool, when you think that cucumber is mostly water!

It’s got Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Whew!

It can help you stay in shape

Being an alkaline vegetable, it’s good for weight loss and for health generally, as most of us are too acidic.

And did you know that cucumbers help fight off snacking cravings and binge eating? Explorers often eat them when they are ‘on the road’, as it were. So a good chunk of cucumber can sure come in handy if you find yourself staring at one slice of cake too many!

Doing sport? Cucumber is good for sports too, as they contain not only electrolytes but B vitamins and sugar, so they rehydrate you and add nutrients into the body quickly.

It’s also good for your energy!

The B vitamins in cucumber act as a great ‘pick me up’, making it a great travel food. Plus if you’re flying, the high water content will prevent you getting too dehydrated. (Air travel is notorious for drying out the skin).

Cucumber is your best friend, even when you’re partying

If you like to party hard, did you know cucumbers can help avoid hangovers or headaches? Eat a few slices before going to bed, and the B vitamins and electrolytes will help your body replace lost nutrients.

Got bad breath? Hold a slice of cucumber in the roof of your mouth for a few seconds (cucumber is antibacterial).

Feeling stressed? Put a few slices in boiling water and pour into the bathtub: the steam is good for reducing stress.

Cucumbers help clean your house too!

Rub a slice on the glass of your fogged up bathroom mirror and watch the fog melt away!

Rub a slice or two over your shoes to shine them up and waterproof them (you can do the same with stainless steel).

Sort out that annoying squeaky hinge by rubbing a slice over it.

Has your 5-year-old DaVinci been at it again on the walls? Rub a slice slowly to remove traces of crayon, marker and pen ink.

Cucumbers even help out in the garden

Put a few slices in an aluminum pie plate or dish to keep slugs and pests out of the garden: the aluminum reacts with the cucumber to produce a scent that they hate – we can’t detect it, but they can, and they don’t like it!

And…here are some tasty ways you can eat it

  • Make your own cucumber water! Put a few slices in a glass jug of water and leave overnight for the nutrients to seep into the water. You can then wash your face with it, put some in your bath, or add ginger, lemon and mint leaves for a refreshing drink.
  • Put some slices in a salad, smoothie or juice (I’ve got some ideas for you in my 5-Minute Salads And Sauces ebook here).
  • Dip it in nut butter or other dips.
  • Make some raw tzatziki with it.
  • Or if you’re in a hurry, just pick one up and take a big bite!

I hope I’ve encouraged you to eat more cucumber!

Got any more ideas or questions? Pop them in the comments!

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