What is raw food?

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What is raw food?

Here’s my favorite way to describe it:

You eat gorgeous curry, soup or a dessert…and get the benefits of eating salad.

And if you want the technical explanation, here it is:

Raw food – or “living food” – is food that has been prepared without heating it above 48 degrees Celsius/117 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is it important not to heat the food too much?

Because the life-enhancing enzymes present in all natural foods are kept intact for us to consume and use.

If you eat food that is alive, you feel…get ready for it…more alive! It’s that simple.

Think of a raw onion. If you leave it alone for a while, it will sprout. If you plant it, it will grow.

Now take that same onion, and boil or roast it first. If you plant it, it won’t grow – it will rot.

And that has implications for our overall energy and health. Simple!

More good news

There are many easy ways to prepare food without heating it excessively, which means you can eat all kinds of amazing dishes and lose weight, feel amazing, gain energy, have great skin, and feel like you’re ready to party! It just requires some guidance and a bit of know-how.

That’s where I come in!

You can:

  • Chop it (e.g. salads)
  • Marinate it
  • Juice it
  • Blend it (sauces, curries, smoothies)
  • Ferment it (nut yogurt/cheese, coleslaw)
  • Spiralize it (check out my veggie pasta here)
  • Dehydrate it (crackers, bread, cookies)

You can read more about what raw food is and isn’t here.

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