Bring On The Powders! Five top superfoods to turbocharge your day


Need a pick-me-up? Pick up some of these top superfoods!

Goji berries (pictured above)

The first time I tried goji berries I was a bit disappointed, if I’m honest – till I soaked them…and then I ‘felt the power’, as they say.

When they’re soft they taste like a less sweet version of raisins or currants, but boy does the body love them!

How you eat goji berries

Put a handful of gojis in your fruit smoothie, in cereals, in puddings, salads…you name it and gojis can make it better.

Try them and see for yourself!

Chia seeds

Chia_Seeds copyChia seeds are funny things. They look like poppy seeds – but they’re a nutritional powerhouse.

They are said to be a complete protein and also are an inner ‘lubricant’ – they soothe the whole digestive tract.

How you use chia seeds

I love what happens to chia seeds when you put them in water. They absorb the water and become like tapioca, so you can make great puddings in minutes.

Mix one part chia seeds to two parts water, wait 10 minutes and you’ve got instant pudding to which you can add your favourite sweetener and milk, and goji berries too, as we’re talking superfoods.

In addition to helping you ‘go’, chia seeds keep you ‘going’ for hours…with loads of energy!

You can also sprinkle them over other dishes as they are (they’ll be very crunchy).


Maca copyMaca for me is like magic Horlicks (a malty, milky drink, for the uninitiated amongst us). It has that delicious malty taste, which is funny considering it comes from a Peruvian root.

Who would have thought that a root could taste like malt instead of dirt? Certainly not me!

How you use maca

You can buy maca as a powder to mix in warm drinks, smoothies, chocolate shakes – just about anything really.

I put a teaspoon in my children’s morning smoothie, because maca helps the body restore balance to adapt to our often stressful world, as well as raging teenage hormones – I’ve definitely noticed a difference in our house!

This might sound a bit out there, but believe me it works!

Maca is also great for energy and stamina, hence its popularity with sports enthusiasts.

You only need a small amount – a teaspoon a day can be enough for many people to notice its effects.

Kate Magic, a well-known proponent of superfoods, says in her book “Raw Magic” that if she were Prime Minister, she’d “put maca on the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service) for everyone”. I would too!

Note: Although perfectly suitable for everyone, I don’t recommend maca if your thyroid is working overtime, as maca can be a powerful boost which you wouldn’t need. You can read more about maca’s benefits, how it works and any counterindications here.

Cacao (or raw chocolate)

Cacao copyAhhh, cacao…one could go on all day about chocolate and its benefits, and raw chocolate powder is truly amazing.

There are more and more raw chocolate bars available in stores now, and with good reason: raw chocolate is basically ‘happiness food’.

How you use cacao

Mixed with almond milk, maca and your sweetener of choice, you can drink down a powerful chocolate shake that will really ‘rev up the engine’ so to speak, with energy, joy, and all-round good feeling…coming from all those neurotransmitters that start firing off signals in the brain that say “Yes, yes, yes!” (I’ve written more about neurotransmitters – in plain English – here).

No wonder so many of us love chocolate: as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant and mineral ‘supplement’ all in one, what more could we ask for? (Answer: More chocolate!)


chlorella in top superfoods articleChlorella is an algae which contains lots of stuff. Here’s a quick rundown of what chlorella provides:

  • all the essential trace minerals
  • all eight amino acids
  • active enzymes and essential fatty acids (including the healing benefits of chlorophyll, which helps counteract acidity in the body)

Whew! In other words, it’s very nutritionally powerful.

How you use chlorella

I sneak a 1/4 teaspoon of this into my children’s smoothie too (poor unsuspecting healthy children).

When I combine the chlorella with chocolate, they don’t see any ‘green’ – so they are blissfully unaware of all that extra goodness they’re getting!

When they were younger I would put it in green smoothies and tell them they were drinking ‘Martian juice’.

In a soup they were having ‘Green Goblin soup’. Any stray bits of vegetable that hadn’t sacrificed themselves to the blending process became a bit of an ‘eye’, an ‘ear’ or a ‘finger’ – and was chowed down immediately, ‘gross’ having much more appeal than ‘good for you’!

You can find an in-depth article on chlorella here.

I hope you like my selection of top superfoods!

Do you use any of these? How? Let me know in the comments!

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