Fast raw food recipes on a Saturday morning

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Fast raw food recipes are easy and fun!

Here’s what I whipped up today, Saturday morning, while my teenagers were out and I had the kitchen to myself.

Strawberry Pancakes (pictured above)

Stawberry pancakes are easy. I blended some bananas with strawberries, some soaked buckwheat, sweetener and a dash of lemon juice.

I did mine in a dehydrator, but you could try making them in an oven on the lowest setting.

Goes With Anything Raw Bread

Then I made my Goes With Anything Raw Bread, which freezes really well.

Basically I made my bread for the week for raw sandwiches – as well as any bread-tempting moments.

I blended some zucchini, ground almonds and ground flax seeds. I then spread the ‘dough’ onto 2 nonstick dehydrator trays and cut them into squares.

Again, you could use an oven on the lowest setting.

I also popped in some extra buckwheat sprouts that I had leftover to dehydrate – I’m going to use them to make some Peach Cobbler later today.

Quick Oriental Veggies

I then made some Quick Oriental Veggies.

quick oriental veggies fast raw food recipesI chopped up in a big bowl some bok choy, broccoli, scallions (spring onions), mushrooms, carrot and yellow pepper.

Then I mixed the marinade in a small bowl which was some hemp oil, tamari, a dash of sweetener and some onion powder.

I mixed everything together, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and took a picture!

These delicious raw veggies will be great for lunch today and to go with my children’s stir fry noodles.

I’ll be having the same veggies with sea spaghetti – another super fast raw food recipe! (You soak the sea spaghetti 30 minutes, how fast is that??)

Quick Green Juice

Juice in fast food recipesBy then I was in the mood for a juice, so I made a quick green juice.

I used 2 carrots, a handful of spinach, 1/2 a cucumber, 1/2 a small pineapple and a handful of broccoli.

I decided that would keep me going till lunchtime.

Then I thought about having some yummy and colorful sauce to pour over my pancakes later today, so I made some fruit sauces with what I had in the house, which today was about a cup of strawberries and two peaches.

Fruit Sauces

For the Strawberry Sauce, I blended some fresh strawberries, a dash of lemon juice, some sweetener, and 2 teaspoons psyllium husks (for thickening – you could also use lucuma or ground flax seeds).

For the Peach Sauce, I did the same thing with peaches instead of strawberries.

strawberry sauce in fast food recipesThen I put both in clean jam jars and admired the beautiful colors!

By the time everyone came back home, I’d made all this and even cleaned the kitchen! Talk about fast raw food recipes!

If you’d like more recipes that are quick and easy and don’t require a dehydrator or other fancy equipment, I’ve got more for you here!

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