How to make raw food in 5 minutes

Me_Serving raw food in 5 minutes

Raw food in 5 minutes? Yes it’s possible! And I don’t mean grabbing an apple, although that’s good too.

I don’t live in the heart of a land of plenty where organic fresh vegetables and mouthwatering tropical fruits are at arm’s reach. I haven’t got a farmer’s market right around the corner. If you do, that’s fantastic! But most of us don’t.

I don’t have a single raw food restaurant, eatery, takeaway, delivery service, stand or other venue that isn’t at least an hour from my house (I will try to rectify that one day: I’d love to open a raw food something or other in Cambridge, but I’ve got lots of other things to do first!)

No-one is going to make me scrumptiously gorgeous, lovingly prepared raw food dishes, unless that someone is me. Or perhaps one of my children if I bribe them with an iTunes voucher. (Aha! I do have a solution for you, which is at the end of this article, as well as right here).

I do have some fabulous friends who make amazing raw food, but I can’t exactly call them up and ask them to come and make dinner tonight.

You see what I’m getting at, right? It isn’t always easy or convenient or practical to make raw food consistently…unless you learn how to make raw food in 5 minutes, in other words, unless you learn to do it super fast. It then actually feels more convenient and quick than traditional foods…because it is, when you know how!

But what do you make in 5 minutes?

Puddings, curries, smoothies, salads, dressings, ‘rice’ dishes, soups, chocolate desserts…the list goes on and on!


Put 1 cup fresh fruit into your blender (the fresh fruit goes in first as it’s easier to blend). Then put 1 cup frozen fruit on top. Add a pitted date or two, or a ripe banana, if you like your sorbet extra sweet. Blend. Grab a spoon. Fight your children over who gets the biggest portion (by rights it should be you).

That’s it! No preservatives, no artificial anything, no scary chemicals that you can’t read much less pronounce…just super tasty, super fast and super healthy, in other words, raw food in 5 minutes!

The sorbet is just fruit so you can have it for breakfast…don’t tell your fellow house dwellers though or you may have to get up earlier in the morning to be the one to make it!

And…Children, partners and housemates are fast learners when their tastebuds are at stake. Simply refuse to make this one evening (you could say ‘I’m too tired’ but if you’re eating raw food you’ll be full of energy so that won’t work, think of something else) and you’ll find others are eager to learn how to do this for themselves. Then you’ll have the added benefit of some raw goodies in your house that are made for you by someone else!

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