What raw food should I eat?


Many experts don’t seem to agree, and questions abound: How much fruit? What percentage of vegetables? What about leafy greens?

It can get a bit confusing – I know I used to be confused for sure – so I will simplify!

You know better than anyone what works for you!

Please don’t read the latest book on this or that food combination and think that you have to follow. Raw foodists don’t agree with each other all the time, especially those who take a very strong view as to what is right for everyone!

One thing I know for sure, having listened to interviews and gotten information from over 70+ raw foodists worldwide…is that there is no one answer. Food choices are not ‘one size fits all’, and anyone who tells you differently is either deluding themselves, trying to sell you something, or trying to justify why they do what they do by trying to convince you to do the same. Everyone is different, and that includes you!

Fortunately though, I can offer you some general guidelines that are true for most people who want to have a healthy diet incorporating raw food.

Some general guidelines and my top 5 tips

1) Eat fresh food as much as you can (chopped, blended, marinated, sprouted or fermented)

Prioritize fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes you can have dehydrated and dried foods, but these should be a small percentage of the food you eat daily. I have maybe 20% but I know people who have more and others who have less. See what works best for you…but you definitely don’t want most of your food to have been treated in some way, even if gently.

2) Go easy on fatty foods (nuts, oils, coconut, avocado)

I love avocados and yes they’re a healthy source of fat, but I wouldn’t want to be eating 2 a day! Same with nuts – try to use seeds where you can, especially if you want to keep your weight down. If you want to gain weight then the opposite would apply – eat lots of healthy fat sources, but still also eat lots of fresh foods.

3) Go easy on the sugary sweet stuff (dried fruit, sweeteners such as maple syrup, etc)

Have some by all means! But just be aware that as with fatty foods, if you’re trying to lose weight you’ll do well to prioritize fresh fruit rather than dried, and not use too much sweetener. To gain weight, well you know what to do – go for it! Just make sure you brush your teeth afterwards:)

4) Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach etc)

This one is really important for everyone, particularly if you know about the importance of keeping the body alkaline. Dark leafy greens should be a daily staple for everyone, no matter what else you’re eating…they are packed full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Apparently our ancestors ate tons of greens every day, as do gorillas…and look how strong they are!

5) Finally…listen to yourself, don’t pass judgement, and don’t stress out!

People love to tell other people what to do, or they love to help with the best of intentions. Go your way happily, respect what other people feel is right for them, and…avoid the word ‘should’! (Kind of funny seeing as how I’ve been using it throughout this article!) I never say ‘I should’ do this or that…I substitute ‘could’ and it works great.

Need more guidance?

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