Is a Vitamix worth it? What’s so special about it, anyway?

Is a Vitamix worth it? you may be asking. I remember when I myself asked the same question, so I’ll attempt to answer it for you here.

I’ll also include some pictures with recipes using the Vitamix so you can get lots of ideas.

So what’s a Vitamix?

Vitamix3 copyA Vitamix is a super powerful blender – referred to as a high-speed blender.

What that means is that you can blend all kinds of things, without worrying about burning out your motor.

Some things you can do with a Vitamix

I’ll stick to what you can do with a Vitamix that you can’t do with a hand blender (see below for more on hand blenders).

You can:

  • toss in whole almonds or other nuts, and grind them to a powder.
  • toss in nuts with water to make your own nut milk or cream, without having to soak them first (although soaking is better, see below)
  • blend extra thick mixtures, using the tamper (an attachment that comes with the Vitamix and that allows you to push things down into the blender while it’s blending)
  • toss in last night’s chicken and other dinner leftovers to blend up a quick soup! (if you were so inclined)

Now being into raw foods, you wouldn’t catch me personally tossing in some leftover meat with my vegetables, but hey if you wanted to do that you could.

What’s so great about a Vitamix?

For me the Vitamix enables me to make large quantities of whatever I want quickly.

I can make large amounts of soups, nut milks, creams, ice creams, sauces and smoothies.

As I’m typically in a hurry doing something or other, I probably use my Vitamix at least 3 times a day – in the morning for a fruit or chocolate smoothie and/or nut milk, at midday for a quick soup, and again for a pudding of some kind.

What’s not so great about a Vitamix?

Well, you probably know this one – the price tag!

When I first got into raw foods, I checked the price of the Vitamix and thought, “All that money for a blender? How ridiculous!”

So I bought a different one that was supposed to be a professional blender, thinking I’d save some money. However, the motor burned out after a year, and I was back where I started! So I gave in, and bought a Vitamix.

Luckily, a lot has changed since 2004

When I got into raw food in 2004, the Vitamix was pretty much the only option.

Now though there are lots of other alternatives, so to be honest I don’t think you need a Vitamix!

In fact, it’s possible to make all of my blended recipes using a hand blender.

You just have to soak nuts and seeds for longer, so that they absorb more water. I just toss mine in some water to soak overnight. Easy!

The advantage of soaking nuts and seeds

Soaking nuts and seeds before blending is actually a good thing though, because soaking allows most of the enzyme inhibitors to be released – making it easier for us to absorb the nutrients. (For more information about soaking as well as sprouting, see Raw Foundations)

In fact, if you’re just getting started, I would actually recommend a hand blender.

And if you get one with a chopping attachment, you can mince and chop veggies as well.

You probably don’t want to spend money right away on fancy equipment when you’re not sure if a high-raw lifestyle is for you!

So I can really just use a hand blender?

Yep! Here’s what you can do:

    • blend small quantities, or if you’re blending a soup, just stick the hand blender down into the pan!

You could probably do large quantities this way too, as long as your container holds enough food, eg a large plastic jug. Now there’s a thought!

  • make gorgeous creams, and even nut milk! Soaking your nuts or seeds overnight will help them absorb as much water as possible, for smoother blending.
  • make puddings, sauces and other goodies (at least with all of my recipes you can! See examples below)

If I were living on my own, I’d probably be happy with just a hand blender. It does everything I need just fine, and actually better than an inexpensive blender. Funny but true!

Some links to recipes you can make, with or without a Vitamix

I made some gorgeous fruity custard, the recipe for which is here.

I also make whipped cream with some soaked cashew nuts, a dash of lemon juice, a bit of water or coconut water and a dash of sweetener, and it comes out perfect – both in a Vitamix and in a hand blender.

Pudding made with a Vitamix The chocolate pudding in the picture can be made with either a Vitamix or a hand blender (click the picture to get access to the recipe, or get it here).

And when my children want a healthy hot chocolate (well let’s be honest, they want ‘hot chocolate’ and I want ‘healthy,’ so we meet in the middle), it’s great to be able to make one really quickly.

I toss in a handful of soaked almonds, some raw chocolate powder or raw carob powder, a dash of maple syrup or xylitol and blend.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, no matter what kind of equipment you go for, I think it’s important to get whatever will make you happiest and most likely to make a lot of delicious food for yourself.

If you really want a Vitamix then I would save up and get one.

And if you aren’t bothered and are very happy with a hand blender, then I wouldn’t listen to anyone who says that you have to have an expensive blender to make raw food. Not true!

So…is a Vitamix worth it? I hope I’ve answered that for you! If you’ve got more questions, just post them in the comments.

In the meantime, happy blending!

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