What is raw food?

What is raw food? Here’s my favorite way to describe it: You eat gorgeous curry, soup or a dessert…and get the benefits of eating salad. And if you want the…

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Picture of chocolate fondue recipe

Chocolate fondue recipe

My teenage son raves about my chocolate fondue sauce to anyone who’ll listen, and he gets it out for all visitors to indulge in. Most chocolate fondue contains lots of…

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Picture of tomato cream sauce recipe

Tomato Cream Sauce recipe

One of my favorite recipes as a child was my mom’s sour cream sauce over chicken breasts with wild rice. The bit I liked was the rice with the sauce,…

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Picture of nacho cheese recipe

Nacho Cheese recipe

I wanted to create a healthy alternative to the bright orange stuff that is typically poured over nachos in movie theaters. I mean, yes it tastes good, but you may…

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Pic of chocolate brownie pockets

Raw food at Novi Cambridge

I’m hosting a raw food popup every Tuesday night, at the fabulous Novi Cambridge! Every Tuesday, 5:30 to 9 pm The menu changes weekly and is posted every Monday night…

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